What did you think of Unnatural Selection?

Unnatural Selection (or stylistically, " un natural selection" ) is a 2019 TV documentary series that presents an overview of genetic engineering and particularly, the DNA-editing technology of CRISPR - from the perspective of scientists, corporations and biohackers working from their home.[1][2] It was released by Netflix on October 18, 2019.

It was a great opportunity to speak last week at Cordell3 on the ethics of human genome editing (video forthcoming).


What are your thoughts on it @NLENTS?

Oh I didn’t know it was already out, I’ll watch it tonight. The trailer looked ridiculous.

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Just binged all 4 episodes. A few quick random thoughts:

  • It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting - the trailer really made me think it would be all about biohacking and how it’s going to turn us into monsters.
  • I wish they’d spent less time on the biohackers and more time on the other subjects - the patients being treated and gene drives.
  • I don’t know why they couldn’t have included just a 3-minute explanation of how CRISPR gene editing actually works in the first episode.
  • I can’t stand the attitude of some of the biohackers, especially Zayner - in fact both his attitude and trumped-up claims made it hard to watch his parts. I was glad to see a glimmer of sober self-reflection among them in the final episode.
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