What does evolution really "say" about God? Dr Joshua Swamidass & Jon Perry



That was three hours, so not for the whole thing. He is making some shorter cuts. I’ll get those transcribed.

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Who would watch the whole thing?

You can get the transcript by viewing at youtube. Under the video look for Share, Save and
Click on the dots and then Open Transcript.

I’ll probably listen to it tomorrow while I work

Listening now, Josh. Great interview. Jon’s sound went out for me at about the 2 hr mark, however.

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It was a pretty fun conversation. A lot of them were atheists. Looking over the chats and comments later was fun. It seems some of them wanted him to do more of these conversations on Sundays at the same time as Church, perhaps for a secular sort of churching.

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Yeah. He noticed that. He comes back on a couple minutes later.

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Jon’s description of the angst that his religious students go through, and your story about breaking down when an uncle (friend?) shared an alternative view with you breaks my heart. Your conversation with Jon, and other conversations like it, are exactly the kind of thing people need, imo. So glad that you’re getting these interviews, and are willing to give your time.

Folks are going to need to hear and have these conversations multiple times. Upon initial exposure you can hear in the questions asked that people are trying to fit you into their existing grid. They gotta loosen their grip on their grid but they don’t even know they have one. Exposure, plus time, plus more exposure helps.

Some people won’t be open to what you have to say. But the thing is, in the past, many students would encounter the reasonableness of the science of evolution and see no other option but to punt their faith. We know that they were suffering under a false dichotomy that they didn’t know how to deal with. But your work, and the work of theologians who are helping to correct bad theology, are going to give those who are open a way out of that bind.


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