What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common

A little bit of doubt is good for you.

{editorial from SciAm)


I’m sure you know that the term “agnostic” was invented by TH Huxley, to describe his principled position, which you share, that we are in no position to decide whether or not God exists.

Regarding the problem of evil, I am surprised that you don’t refer to the solution put forward by Leibniz, and ridiculed by Voltaire, that the evil that exists is a necessary precondition for the greater good. No creative evolution without viruses, and guinea worms as well as butterflies. Human free will (whatever that may mean) would be a special case of this. And if I were a Christian (as you know I am not) I would regard the Crucifixion as a demonstration that God himself shares in the suffering.

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Have it really been a year since we last saw you here? Time flies! (And I see you often on FB).

I wasn’t sure. You are always very careful about presenting a balanced opinion.

Q: What do God, QM, and Consciousness have in common?
A: They all applied for a restraining order on Deepak Chopra.


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