What is an Essential Business?

With a list this long, 73 sectors, I’m struggling to think of many jobs that are (1) not possible to do remotely, and (2) not essential…

I skimmed the list and it appears hairstylists and barbers aren’t considered essential. I think those businesses should be closed because of the close contact required, but I wouldn’t call them “non-essential.”

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Since I live in Ontario, that list is quite pertinent to me. I could not think of anything I felt I needed that would not be available thru the businesses that were allowed to remain open.

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In New Jersey, all hair salons, barber shops, and nail salons have been closed since Monday, March 23.

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I had an appointment to get my hair cut the day after all hair salons were closed in Illinois. There are a lot of things I can give up more easily than getting my hair cut.

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New Zealand went to level 4 lockdown at midnight last night, after 48 hours of level 3.

What do those levels involve, @DarrenG?

Level1: Preparation. Border controls. No gatherings over 500 people.
Level2: Reduce. Border closed. Over 70s stay home. no non-essential travel.
Level3: Restrict. Public facilities like libraries closed. No mass gatherings. Schools only for children of essential services.
Level4: Eliminate. All schools shut. Non-essential workers to stay home. No travel

We started preparing jan 15. People coming from China were asked to self-isolate for 14 days.
feb 2 we banned foreign nationals who had come via China.
feb 6 we evacuated NZ citizens from Wuhan and put them in quarantine at a military base.
feb 26 was our first case who came from Iran. We banned travel from Iran that day.
march 14 all travellers from anywhere had to self-isolate for 14 days
march 18 our 12th reported case was a schoolboy. that school was closed.
March 19 We went to Level 1.
March 21 Level 2
March 23 we passed 100 cases, 2 of which could not be linked to overseas travel. Level 3.
March 25 level 4