What is "orthodox theology" in Christianity?

It’s worth explaining this more. Most of us observe that “random” is a trigger word (see for example: What is the Ontological Status of Randomness?).

Scientists say that random mutations are important to evolution. Christian objects that nothing is random, so evolution rejects Gods providence. There is a fundamental theological conflict here!

Nope. Just an equivocation.

By “random,” scientists don’t mean “unknown to God,” but only that it is “unpredictable from a human constructed model.” We aren’t making claims about ontological randomness, so discussion random mutations in biology is no more a threat to God providence than is rolling dice in a board game or shuffling a deck of cards.

Open Theists, rather than exposing the equivocation, double down on it. They claim things like, evolution shows us that (ontological) randomness is a part of nature, so we know that God is omniscient and that God doesn’t control everything.

(That just reinforces the anti-evolutionists objection!)

One can object to OT because of its conclusions about doctrine. But well before that, reasoning like this needs to be rejected. It’s just blatant equivocation that traffics in some large misunderstandinga of science.