When Science Journal's Go Political

Jerry Coyne is right:

But it’s another thing entirely for scientific journals to take political stands, and this post should show you why. For when you endorse a candidate that liberals like, like Joe Biden, you’re going to turn off the people who don’t like Joe Biden. That’s okay for newspapers, as their readership probably leans the same way as the paper itself. But writing off a scientific journal as “politically biased” has potentially worse effects than writing off a newspaper, for the former can cause people to distrust the science itself .


I know! Many scientific societies have moved stridently to the far left, and so have many science journals and popular science periodicals (in terms of editorial positions that they take). And now this. Of course it should be no surprise that academics lean to the left. That has been the case for I don’t know how long. But at least we could argue that our media face was a-political. Not any more. Someone online once said that if you mix politics with science, what you get is politics.


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