Why Are Plants Green? To Reduce the Noise in Photosynthesis

A method behind the apparent madness of ignoring the peak of the sun’s energy spectrum! Very interesting.


Wow, that is pretty amazing. So simple and fundamental. It could end up in textbooks soon.


Next up: RubiSCO’s “inefficiency” is actually efficient for organisms. I’ve had a bet on that one for a while. In any case, the question is a great ice breaker for discussions at bars frequented by enzymologists. Perhaps too good… Sometimes police need to be called in.


Yes, indeed! This thread is a prime example of why I rely on Peaceful Science to help keep me informed about science news.

When I first studied photosynthesis in the 1960’s, it seemed like such a grand mystery. The chemistry/physics was poorly understood. So van Niel’s general equation for photosynthesis published in 1999 struck me as a huge discovery. Gabor, Cogdell et al seem to have tied a nice bow around the topic—in terms of biology textbook basics.

Hmmm. I can’t help but imagine what types of bars are most likely to attract enzymologists.

Alcohol has long been known as a social lubricant—but for enzymologists I suppose it is more of a social catalyst.

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I’ve wondered about that as well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. :slight_smile: