William Lane Craig's Science of Cosmology

I would like to add this. This is a blog by Christian Physicist Aron Wall. He covers a lot of the relevant material in this series.

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Won what? Certainly not the next Nobel Prize in Physics. To bow to your superior cognitive abilities, I offer you a free subscription to Atheist Ethan Siegel website:

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I never accused you of racism, I expressed concern that your model could be used for racism purposes. (I still have that concern if Adam is placed in a fixed place and late (<5000 years ago). Also note that I couldn’t offer any retraction because my account was suspended. Remember that?

Proclamation: Dr. Swamidass is no racist. He is a kind and compassionate physician, a highly respected practicing scientist, and a tenured Professor at a fine secular university.

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Struggled with

Runyon. “learn the relevant biology. Something I’ve always felt he has struggled with”. A TE/EC Biologos advocate among us I see engaging in passive-aggressive tactics. Well at least you are not going down the same route as Ted Davis, Dennis Venema, Christy and Applegate who have called/dismissed Craig a “Creationist” in the pejorative sense. Dennis and Christy were even getting their material from anti-Craig web sites. I notice this about Biologos their targets are always religious theologians or Philosophers never atheist scientist who they worship with a deep passion. On Biology/philosophy of biology Craig had very little ‘struggle’ exposing “The renaissance man of evolutionally biology”, philosopher and theologian, Ayala as a vacuous and dishonest twit back in 2009. The same Ayala who was paid by Biologos (Darrell Falk) to review Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell”. Ayala reviewed something called “Signature of the Cell”, an illiterate rant completely unconnected to Meyer’s book. Falk even refused to allow Meyer to respond because
1, Meyer’s response was not significantly respectful of a senior scientist. What rubbish.
2, Meyer’s response was to be only philosophical and theological. Doubtful as Meyer has always said that ID is a scientific issues. But Falk could have made a mistake here.
3, Falk claimed that Ayala was not asked to write a review. Falk is a liar.

This is the same Falk who positively reviewed Meyer’s “Darwin’s Doubt” before being told off by Nick Matzke, a man half his age, and recanting. The same Falk gave a positive review of Denton’s “Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis” on amazon but removed the review after being told to by representatives of NCSE.

I am glad you enjoyed Krauss “A Universe from Nothing” I doubt you are capable of anything more difficult. Adios.

@theman8469, you are misfiring. We are not TE/EC here. Just search for “BioLogos” on this forum, and you will see we are not them. @T.j_Runyon is informing you of about Craig. Check it out:

He is one of our friends. We are working with him as he takes a closer look at the historical Adam.

Krauss’ “greatest Story Ever Told” is better.

You have called people dishonest and now a twit. This is your first and last warning. I was in no way being disrespectful. And I admire Craig. His work on the resurrection is one reason I came back to Christianity. You seem like a very knowledge person and your presence here could be of great benefit. But you will not continue to act this way.

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Protecting Ayala. Are you sure that you are not Biologos or NCSE you seem exactly like them?

Sadly the article claims that Craig is an advocate of ID which is not the case. Ayala claimed that “he hadn’t understood he would be debating and didn’t believe a debate was the proper way to resolve the dispute anyway” Campus Crusade for Christ at Indiana University still had their communication with Ayala which told a different story. The event flyer was "Is Intelligent Design Viable? William Lane Craig and Francisco Ayala debate. Ayala’s slides were clearly organized as a debate and not a lecture. The whole thing is here Is Intelligent Design Viable? The Craig-Ayala Debate | Reasonable Faith. The taped debate is not clear, the web page has all the slides.

Let us start with who you are. We are using are real names. I’ve asked you to explain more about yourself several times. Don’t abuse anonymity. What is Abuse of Anonymity?. That is something we take very seriously.

Many of us (including @T.j_Runyon) are at secular institutions, and use our real names. Respect that we are putting our professional livelihood and reputations on the line to talk to you. You do not have a license to turn to ad hominems, especially on a student. f this was directed at @Patrick he is banned from BioLogos, and does not work with NSCE. He works with Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

I have no interest in defending Ayala given the recent developments.

I would defend Ayala given the recent developments, aa I would Krauss. A man is innocent until proven guilty. It is in extremely bad taste to vilify Ayala like that. I was in the States during the Duke Rape Hoax and will never jump to conclusions unless there is good evidence. My criticisms of Ayala are based on his writings and intellectual conduct - not his possible sexual crimes.

That is where I disagree with him the most, and I’m from UCI too.

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He admitted to a lot of it… Just didn’t think he was wrong

And where did I say I believed the accusers (though I do after reading the 97 page report)? I’m not vilifying anyone. I just Think its best for me not to defend someone with that stuff going on

Why even bring it up? It has nothing to do with Ayala’s work in religion and science.

We were talking about him and my response was im not going to talk about him and this is why. Pretty simple

Because we talk about all sorts of things here. That is just what we do. We care about issues of justice a great deal. One of the big things happening right now in the US is the #metoo movement, and we are very likely going to be discussing Ayala. He is a public figure in science, and there has been a lot of mysogyny here, even if Ayala is ultimately innocent. It is important for us to discuss it.