Yeast ORFans, the dark transcriptome, etc

Scanning through the literature to update some assignments for my class, I came across this:

The intersection between two contentious issues is intriguing. Mayhaps @pnelson can provide some commentary, criticism, and insights into this study. For example, how much of an undertaking would it be to apply the same approaches to other organisms? Are there things that might be done differently? Are there problems with the authors’ conclusions?


Thanks so much for the citation, Art. I’ve printed out the pdf (I’m old school, I know – like to mark up actual pieces of paper) and will put it in my “must read soon” pile.

The ORFanBase team, now grown to seven people with overseas contributions from ace programmers, is struggling to complete a massive annotation project. In fact in 30 minutes I have a Zoom call with one of the computer guys. But if I find anything especially noteworthy in the dark transcriptome article, I’ll send you a follow-up email.

I really appreciate the literature tip. The de novo and orphan genes literature is exploding, and it’s hard (as in, impossible) to stay abreast of everything.


This might be a good time and place to mention a few that you found interesting.

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(For the group here, as well as @pnelson) - any chance that something like this could be adopted to further explore ORFans?

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