5 Key Moments From the Year of the ‘Exvangelicals’



Very interesting. I thought the “key moments” would focus on various scandals well-covered by the media and heavily discussed by exvangelicals. Instead, the article described various exvangelical developments which had previously escaped my notice.

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Hmm… I follow the exvangelical movement with great interest, as many of my friends have left the faith including a couple that host a successful podcast and are forming a community around those topics, and I respect many of their critiques. The movement is certainly growing in numbers and influence, but I have to say I found this article a bit underwhelming, and in the spirit of science, lacking in sufficient evidence to support its claims. “Hashtag campaigns” and definitions in the Urban Dictionary are not exactly how I would define reaching the “broader American public”, and the whole thing reminded me somewhat of the self-congratulatory creationist claims that evolution is about to collapse…

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