A cnidarian fossil from the Ediacaran period

A crown-group cnidarian from the Ediacaran of Charnwood Forest, UK

This seems a significant addition to our knowledge of life preceding the Cambrian Explosion. I won’t claim to understand the more technical content but what I can understand seems quite exciting.

Animal body plans are widely assumed to have become fixed during the Cambrian Explosion but Auroralumina demonstrates that at least one crown-group cnidarian body plan had already been established tens of millions of years previously.


When will those scientists ever learn to stop discovering impossible things?


Blondie’s prediction, “Fade away, Radiates,” would seem to be disconfirmed. They’ve not faded, particularly.

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Blondie: Dagwood’s wife? Debbie Harry’s band? What?

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Debbie Harry’s band. Fade Away And Radiate - YouTube

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