A Genealogical Rapprochement on Adam?

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Call me a confessing scientist: a scientist in the Church and a Christian in science, giving a truthful account of what I have seen. My personal position in this debate is beside the point, and not my advocacy here. Instead, as a peaceful scientist, I advocate on behalf of the empty chair, those historically excluded from…

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As a conservative evangelical biblical theologian, I find your genetic/genealogical distinction intriguing, but it will take me some time to get a handle on what I should infer from it.


Agreed. Thank’s for the open-mindedness that it might be helpful. There are others among you that feel the same. We’ve been discussing this a great deal on the forums. This is the primer I recently gave a theology student: Story Three: Recent Sole-Genealogical Progenitor Adam. It should be helpful to catch up on what we are thinking.

I can also share a draft theological paper on this if you care to engage deeper.

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Put the word about at Tyndale House, @DaleABrueggemann . I was there on a visit earlier in the summer and they were only vaguely aware of Genealogical Adam.

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Might that be because Tyndale House is a center for biblical studies and “Genealogical Adam” is insider jargon that’s pretty much disconnected from the general parlance of biblical studies? As for me putting the word about there on this; this isn’t a cause I’m ready at this stage to pickup as a proponent.

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That might change soon.


Im not sure you have to be an explicit proponent. If all you felt was that it was a better idea than most pro-Evolution stance… then getting people to discuss it would still help elevate conversations!


My 2 cents here is that at its most “electric”… it makes an almost perfect case for why sober and scientific Christians can safely believe that Adam and Eve really could have been created by Special Creation without upsetting the “cart” of Science!

I didn’t say they weren’t interested - I had a good hour or more of discussion on it, including related biblical themes of Genesis 1 as temple building and so on, with which of course they were familiar.

The fact that Genealogical Adam is a potential unifying concept between the various origins positions (convivially) held there - including YEC, ID and TE - is what makes it relevant to biblical studies.

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Changing as we speak, actually… : )