The Time Comes For Genealogy

This weekend, about 30 scholars are traveling to St Louis from across the country to discuss my book manuscript on the Genealogical Adam and Eve. Two international scholars, @jongarvey and @Andrew_Loke will not be in attendance, even though they are are also writing books on the Genealogical Adam and Eve. Their unfortunate absence, nonetheless, is a good opportunity to remember some of the story that brought us here, and the many people that have helped us along. Jon Garvey has been part of the conversation for much longer than me, and might have credit for being the first theologian to engage with genealogical science. Here is how he tells the story, and explains why the time has come for this idea.

Most new ideas turn out to be old ideas whose time has come, or even ideas that have returned after a long absence. I explored an example of the first in a blog post, describing how Empodocles (c. 450 BCE) was the first to name “air” as a material substance after finding that a bucket inverted in water retained a pocket of air. Such a phenomenon must have been seen for millennia before, but not interpreted as significant. Genealogical Adam did not have to wait so long to be seen as important, but its seeds have certainly been around for a long time.

Several people from the forum will be here, including @CPArand, @Philosurfer, @NLENTS, @davidson, @Joel_Duff, @deuteroKJ, and many more. Perhaps even @Guy_Coe might pop up in a picture here or there. More info to come, but definitely read the excellent article by @jongarvey.


This is really exciting. Genealogical Adam didn’t seem workable at first, but the more I read the more I agreed that it certainly doesn’t run afoul of any science. I think it is an elegant way of holding science in one hand and faith in the other.

I expect to hear stories from the Peaceful Science crew!!


Yeah; Josh is a pretty elegant guy… :. )
Thanks for the well wishes, and wish you could be there, too! Maybe another time?


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30 scholars and a few scalawags!

Running a little late, be there 3-ish.


Please let us know how the meetings went. I had heard from one hopeful attendee that the severe storms had kept him from traveling. Was that so for others? Hoping all went well.

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A few photos from the events.


What a bunch of nerds! :yum:


@jongarvey your name came up many many times, as did yours @Andrew_Loke. There is high interest on your Adam books.

@jongarvey several people asked me for an introduction to you, and to learn more about God’s Good Earth.

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Well, that’s gratifying, on both counts. I hope you pointed them to the fansite, or the publisher’s outlet!

But by all means introduce anyone, apart from scalawags, by e-mail. I need all the friends I can get.
Anyway, glad the work on your book went OK, which is after all what it is about.

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What’s so bad about scalawags??! Will be ordering a copy soon; you would have enjoyed the conference.


Heavy hitters today. WLC, @Agauger, and @AJRoberts


Looks like an afternoon at the Senior Center. :sunglasses:

@AJRoberts I recommend the Cobb salad with dressing on the side. :sunglasses:

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Did either of them manage to take a position and present evidence for it?


Looks like a pretty subdued Super Bowl party to me. @Agauger, where’s the Patriots gear?


There are young people here too :smile:. Say “hi” to another forum member here!


Hi, to all the youngsters in the room, and even to the really young kids! BTW, @Patrick, you’re a year older than I am, you old fogey, you! : )


Hoping the day went well, and progress was made!

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@Art I forgot my hat!