A plug for some smaller YouTube channels on evolution

I just wanted to plug a few YouTube channels that I have stumbled across recently which deal with evolution. These have quite low subscriber rates but I have found them really helpful

Zach B. Hancock. Run by an evolutionary biologist and very much along the lines of the Creation Myths channel. Only 886 subscribers at the moment. It would be a huge shame if he stopped producing material due to low views.

Evolution Soup. Interviews with scientists working in the area of evolution. 12.9k subscribers at the moment, so not the smallest but could still grow

Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science. Only 553 subscribers at the moment

The Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science provides middle school and elementary teachers the tools they need to effectively teach evolution and answer its critics based on new Next Generation Science Standards.

Our book, On Teaching Evolution, is available now!

Written by members of the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science who have tackled the topic of evolution in their classroom for decades, On Teaching Evolution offers practical advice and sample lesson plans for fellow science teachers. Learn about what inspired them to love teaching evolution and the experiences that help guide their teaching practices.

It would be great if others could post links to smaller channels here that others may have missed. It feels great to finally have an interest in learning again after a long period of apathy. I do still struggle to not become overly confident in what I have read or listened to though. Trying to keep a healthy level of scepticism and admission of ignorance can be hard


I will be looking at the Hancock page. Thank you!

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