Introducing Gutsick Gibbon

Welcome to Peaceful Science @GutsickGibbon. I hope you don’t mind me disturbing your lurk. It’s a pleasure to have you here. I like your youtube channel.

Videos concerning paleontology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology! Debunking Creationist claims and hopefully educating viewers about proper science.

Which of your videos would be the best introduction for people new to you?

Tell us about yourself too. What got you into this niche of the internet? What are studying in school? And what exactly is a “Gutsick Gibbon”?

There are a lot of great scientists here. Perhaps you can snag an interview with @nlents or @art.


Hi Erika - I’m familiar with your YouTube channel already and I’ve enjoyed some of your videos already. Welcome!


It’s good to see a few people from the youtube/reddit communities coming to PS recently. @dsterncardinale, @CrisprCAS9, and now @GutsickGibbon.


I think we follow each other around haha


Thank you so much! I am so psyched to be here!


Hey Guys!

Sorry this is so late. The BEST video for an introduction, hm. That’s actually an awesome question! I generally have videos on “General Paleontology/Anth” and “busting YEC” so of those two catagories probably these two videos respectively.

"Who WAS Homo floresiensis?

“How similar are Humans and Chimps?”

I have lurked here for a bit so I am super interested in meeting some of the amazing scientists here!

I am currently studying the re-emergence of Monomorphic Canine Dentition in Primates for my MRes! So basically primates exhibit a very broad range of sexual dimorphism, from indistinguishable males and females (most strepsirrhines, many NWM, the hylobatids and humans) to light/moderate differences (genus pan) to extreme sex differences in size and dentition (Mandrillus, Gorilla and Pongo)! I want to figure out what pressures cause species with very different males and females to equalize out back into monomorphism. We are seeing this now in Colobus guereza and Brachyteles hypoxanthus!

My internet presence roots from around a years worth of research I did for a monthly coffee meetupw ith a YEC coworker. It took me a lot of time to compile my studies for those chats, and so I hopped on reddit to share some of them so others wouldn’t have to! It was a natural evolution (haha) over to youtube.

A Gutsick Gibbon is a rare species of hoolock gibbon with a perpetual stomach ache only eased by tea!


Thanks for the videos, entertaining and informative. I am a lurking non-scientist, so I can’t say that I understand everything that you say, but I understand the logic behind it.

Welcome, I look forward to following your conversations here. A little humor on the science side will be awesome.


Welcome @GutsickGibbon / Erika.

Thank you for the two video suggestions—but I couldn’t help but start with “Creationists STILL Don’t Understand Mosaic Hominin Fossils.” That video is proving to be every bit as fun as its title suggests. (I’ve especially enjoyed the whimsical musical interludes and graphics.) Great explanation of the mosaic elements of individual bones.

I am enjoying the Ad Hominin arguments. [Sorry. Couldn’t resist that one.]

Yes, I’ve subscribed to your channel.


I’m curious as to how the excellent cartoon animations in your videos were produced.

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You’re not the only one with a joke on that theme. I have often remarked that those who are phylogenetic “splitters” in human ancestry, when confronted with a new fossil, make “add hominid” arguments. Or, perhaps, these days, “add hominin” arguments.


Marvelous video! You have a great speaking style and make a very cogent presentation. I’m not usually a video-watcher but I may have to start working my way through your YouTube channel as it looks like good stuff. I hope that you find your way back to Roehampton soon (I remember visiting a friend there – I called it The Land The Tube Forgot).

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Hi Erika,

I’m an IT professional whose recently become obsessed with evolution and everything remotely related to the subject. I’m currently reading the Selfish Gene for the first time and having my mind blown. I’ve got Robert Sapolsky’s Behave next on my list of things to read and can’t wait to start that. I can’t imagine how I never got attracted to this evolutionary biology growing up but it turns out that now I can’t seem to get enough of it. I recently stumbled on your YouTube channel and since then have been binge watching your videos like a Netflix series. I enjoy the way you explain things to make sense to a layperson like me. I also really enjoy your debunking creationist videos.

Keep up the great work. :+1:


I’ve been watching your channel for awhile, ever since I stumbled upon “everything wrong with the creation museum.”. Love your work!


Thanks for joining the forum! I’m sure you’ll be a great addition. I have followed and admired your Youtube channel for a while now.


Um, she ain’t logged in for more than a year…

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Oh. Didn’t realize that. Oh well…

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Well send her a note :wink:

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