Adherent Apologetics: Interviewing Swamidass on ID and the Book

Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass MD, Ph.D. is a physician, scientist, and Associate Professor of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine at Washington University in Saint Louis. He leads a computational biology group that studies information at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and medicine ( In this interview, I talk with Joshua about how evolution impacts Theism. We talk about questions like why evolution, who Adam & Eve were, and why believe in God. We will also take your questions at the end!

Turned out to be a great interview. Zac was easy to talk to and got some great questions.


@zacharylawson you can learn about TMR4A at these links:

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@jongarvey really pleased to see one of the commenters bringing up your book here, stating it really made a strong case.

I hope that draws more people to look at your ideas, and it’s great to see the trilogy doing some work.


Good news indeed, Josh. Softly, softly, catchee monkey.

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I agree that God is not concerned with disproving evolution. I liked that part.

“…worth putting up with crazy Christians” :rofl: :rofl: Not sure how God puts up with us really. Thank God for grace.

“putting your wife in a well-controlled test” :rofl:

Good discussion of suffering and beauty.

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Just started watching. First thing that comes to mind is that you should keep the beard!


This is as good a spot as any for me to post another recommendation for “The Generations of heaven and earth”.

As someone who has moved away from YEC belief’s over the past few years, but still holds holds to inspired scriptures and that these scriptures teach what might be roughly called “reformed” theology, I have many outstanding questions. These questions are broadly related how to understand passages that were often tied in my past to a YEC hermeneutic, to a non YEC understanding of scriptures, without loosing what they teach theologically.

Jon’s book was very helpful in moving some of my understanding forward. I actually found it better than the first one. I would highly recommend both books and Josh’s GAE to any Christian interested in thinking through these issues.