Reviews and Interviews on The Genealogical Adam and Eve

Written Interviews

Video Interviews

Venue____________ Date____________ Link
Jon Boyd (IVP) November 11, 2020 John Boyd: Inviting ETS/AAR to the Genealogical Adam and Eve
Adherent Apologetics September 30, 2020 Adherent Apologetics: Interviewing Swamidass on ID and the Book
James Tour August 10, 2020 Tour and Swamidass: The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Sentinel Apologetics May 29, 2020 Sentinel Apologetics: Q&A With S. Joshua Swamidass
Capturing Christianity April 14, 2020 William Lane Craig and Joshua Swamidass: Did Adam and Eve Live Recently?
Carpenter’s Desk March 28, 2020 Carpenters' Desk: Genesis, Genealogy and Genetics
Thinking Theism March 23, 2020 Thinking Theism: The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Unbelievable? March 6, 2020 Unbelievable? The Scientific Case For Adam and Eve (Lents and Swamidass)
Capturing Christianity January 14, 2020 Capturing Christianity: Live Interview on The Genealogical Adam and Eve (Jan 14, 2020)
Igniting a Nation December 17, 2019 Igniting a Nation: Interview on the GAE
More Than Cake November 25, 2019 More Than Cake: Livestream Interview on the GAE

Audio Interviews


Author______ Date___________ Link
Jonathan McLatchie December 8, 2020
Glenn Branch (NCSE) November 12, 2020 Glenn Branch: A NCSE Review of the Genealogical Adam and Eve
ISCAST November 2, 2020 ISCAST: Review of The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Biblical Scholarship June 30, 2020 Biblical Scholarship Blog: Reviewing The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Clarke Morledge June 26, 2020 Morledge: A Genetic or Genealogical Adam and Eve? (… An Alternative to “Deconstruction”)
WUSTL Record June 15, 2020 Reynolds on The Genealogical Adam and Eve in the WUSTL Record
AJ Roberts June 11, 2020 AJ Roberts: Human Origins Workshop with Peaceful Science and Reasons to Believe
Tyler Dean June 9, 2020 Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry: Reviewing the GAE
Francis Collins June 5, 2020 Francis Collins Comments on The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Lucas Giolas June 4, 2020 Apologetics 315: The Genealogical Adam and Eve by S. Joshua Swamidass
Kenneth Kemp May 1, 2020 Kenneth Kemp: Adam and Eve and Evolution
J.W. Wartick March 30, 2020 J.W. Wartick: “The Genealogical Adam and Eve” by S. Joshua Swamidass
Thomas McCall March 23, 2020 McCall: Will The Real Adam Please Stand Up? The Surprising Theology Of Universal Ancestry
John C. Collins March 23, 2020 Collins: Theological Response to Joshua Swamidass, The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Jeffery Hardin March 23, 2020 Hardin: Genealogy, Genetics, and the Power of Words
William Lane Craig March 13, 2020 WLC: Three Part Podcast on the GAE (Before Reading the Book?)
Faizal Ali March 10, 2020 Faizal Ali: Review of the Genealogical Adam and Eve
The Skeptic March 8, 2020 The Skeptic: Leaving the Garden
PJ Media March 8, 2020 New Book: Evolution Not in Conflict With Adam and Eve, Ancestors of Us All
Richard Buggs March 4, 2020 Richard Buggs: Adam and Eve our ghostly ancestors?
Hans Madueme March 2, 2020
Creation Ministries International February 1, 2020
Taylor Reynolds January 21, 2019
David Kwon December 31, 2019
Kevin Nelstead December 27, 2019
Jon Garvey December 13, 2019
Jeff Mallinson December 16, 2019
Jay Johnson December 9, 2019
Bob Trube December 9, 2019
Mark Moore December 8, 2019
Evan Minton November 13, 2019
Jerry Coyne October 11, 2019
Nathan Lents October 4, 2019
Faizal Ali July 27, 2019