Reviews and Interviews on The Genealogical Adam and Eve

Written Interviews

Video Interviews

Venue____________ Date____________ Link
Sentinel Apologetics May 29, 2020 Sentinel Apologetics: Q&A With S. Joshua Swamidass
Capturing Christianity April 14, 2020 William Lane Craig and Joshua Swamidass: Did Adam and Eve Live Recently?
Carpenter’s Desk March 28, 2020 Carpenters' Desk: Genesis, Genealogy and Genetics
Thinking Theism March 23, 2020 Thinking Theism: The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Unbelievable? March 6, 2020 Unbelievable? The Scientific Case For Adam and Eve (Lents and Swamidass)
Capturing Christianity January 14, 2020 Capturing Christianity: Live Interview on The Genealogical Adam and Eve (Jan 14, 2020)
Igniting a Nation December 17, 2019 Igniting a Nation: Interview on the GAE
More Than Cake November 25, 2019 More Than Cake: Livestream Interview on the GAE

Audio Interviews


Author______ Date___________ Link
Kenneth Kemp May 1, 2020 Kenneth Kemp: Adam and Eve and Evolution
J.W. Wartick March 30, 2020 J.W. Wartick: “The Genealogical Adam and Eve” by S. Joshua Swamidass
Thomas McCall March 23, 2020 McCall: Will The Real Adam Please Stand Up? The Surprising Theology Of Universal Ancestry
John C. Collins March 23, 2020 Collins: Theological Response to Joshua Swamidass, The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Jeffery Hardin March 23, 2020 Hardin: Genealogy, Genetics, and the Power of Words
William Lane Craig March 13, 2020 WLC: Three Part Podcast on the GAE (Before Reading the Book?)
Faizal Ali March 10, 2020 Faizal Ali: Review of the Genealogical Adam and Eve
The Skeptic March 8, 2020 The Skeptic: Leaving the Garden
PJ Media March 8, 2020 New Book: Evolution Not in Conflict With Adam and Eve, Ancestors of Us All
Richard Buggs March 4, 2020 Richard Buggs: Adam and Eve our ghostly ancestors?
Hans Madueme March 2, 2020 TGC Reviews the GAE
Creation Ministries International February 1, 2020 Sanford and Carter: A ‘genealogical’ Adam and Eve?
Taylor Reynolds January 21, 2019 Taylor Reynolds: Adam and Eve, Strange Allies, and the Quest for Common Ground
David Kwon December 31, 2019 David Kwon: Reviewing the Genealogical Adam and Eve
Kevin Nelstead December 27, 2019 Kevin Nelstead: Reviewing the Genealogical Adam and Eve
Jon Garvey December 13, 2019 Garvey: Reviewing The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Jeff Mallinson December 16, 2019 Mallinson: An LCMS Lutheran Review of the GAE
Jay Johnson December 9, 2019 Jay Johnson: The Question of Tasmania
Bob Trube December 9, 2019 Trube: Reviewing the Genealogical Adam and Eve
Mark Moore December 8, 2019 Moore: Reviewing The Genealogical Adam and Eve
Evan Minton November 13, 2019 Evan Minton: Reviewing the GAE
Jerry Coyne October 11, 2019 Coyne: The return of Adam and Eve as real people
Nathan Lents October 4, 2019 Lents at USA Today: Scientific Possibility for 'Adam and Eve'
Faizal Ali July 27, 2019 Faizal Ali: My thoughts on GAE