Advice for creationists, including those of the ID variety

When someone asks a question about the writings or thoughts of an ID proponent or other creationist, and you are familiar with the relevant sources, it is courteous and consistent with the goals of this group, as I understand them, to simply answer the question.

To reply that the person asking the question should instead read the book himself, and to accompany this demand with insinuations that the person is not really interested in the answer and is asking the question in bad faith, really does nothing to foster productive discussion and achieve mutual understanding.

This is just something I have noticed happening a lot here lately. I suppose the same advice applies to evolutionists, but I can’t recall ever encountering this from them.


Well, you would have if you’d read my book, How to Lose Friends and Be Unspeakably Annoying. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t comment on this topic until you’ve read it. It’s only 1227 pages and an easy read – as long as you’re comfortable reading 14th century alliterative verse, that is.