How to meet YECs halfway?

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Imagine if I told you that someone created a blog where the best way to disprove Intelligent Design was spend 5 years arguing “there is no god”.

If you were a Christian Evolutionist, would you RUSH to support the pro-Evolution faction? Or would you rush to say the atheist position is wrong headed?

Or would you be so conflicted you would generally avoid the wrong-minded discussions all together?

Is there a chapter in the book GAE which ALSO attempts to disprove the existence of God? No? Why not?

If @swamidass can avoid the “prove God” impasse, why cannot his example be followed?

Why would I want to be halfway between right and wrong?


I don’t think it would be that effective. OTOH, I am not aware that any such blog exists.

Just speaking personally, I don’t think I often mention God at all when explaining why ID is wrong. I just stick to the science. As do pretty much all other atheists here do.

Because the author is a Christian who is trying to reconcile science with his belief in the historical existence of Adam and Eve. Why would he try to disprove the existence of God?


I’m not sure Joshua has ever said he believes (or doesn’t believe) in the historical existence of Adam and Eve. He’s just pointing out a way for people who do to reconcile it with science.

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It should be noted that @SlightlyOddGuy hasn’t been seen on this forum since July 2022 – about the same time as he made the comment that the OP is ‘replying’ to. Would it be an exaggeration for me to suggest that there is a dead horse here, and that somebody is flogging it?

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8 months from now I will respond that the Internet is made for asynchronous communications. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’d be more impressed if you made it 8 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure either. I just assumed he did and that was part of why he wrote the book.

Anyway, that doesn’t change the fact that there is no reason to be surprised he didn’t attempt to disprove the existence of God in his book.


I have to agree with @Faizal_Ali – there is nothing remotely surprising about Joshua, a Christian, failing to attempt disprove the existence of God.

Further, as the blog is question is purely ‘imaginary’, and therefore does not exist, it is unclear how he would “ALSO” be doing this, as nobody was doing so in the first place.

This leads me to wonder if this thread is about meeting YECs “halfway”, or meeting them in some uncharted territory beyond the realms of reality. “Halfway” between whence and where?

Maybe we can agree on 2.25 billion years.


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