AIG's Tenets of Creation Signatories

Does any one have a simple version of this list that lists the name and location of each college?

Also, I’m interested in finding out the overlap between this list and the schools accredited by SACSCOC ( You might be able to search for schools on the AIG list by searching here: Institutions - SACSCOC

Any help here greatly appreciated.

@tim, you might have this on hand, right?

Feeding them in by hand resulted in 5 hits:
Bob Jones University
Bryan College
Patrick Henry College
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College
Welch College
(Somebody may wish to double-check my results)

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No. I’m afraid not. It is possible to get a full readout of SACSCOC institutions – but that runs to 47 pages. Whilst it would be possible to create a text list of both to do a comparison, this would probably involve more editing than it is worth. The simplest solution would appear to be to individually feed each of the 35 AiG institutions into the SACSCOC search engine to see if it matches.

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You put in all 35?

Yeh. Wasn’t that much trouble to cut & paste back and forward. :man_shrugging:

However such a manual method does allow a bit of potential for human error (although it does make the process less vulnerable to false negatives due to minor typographical differences – e.g. apostrophes, ampersands, etc).


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