The Conversation Continues on TRACS and CHEA

See these two articles…

In case you are wondering, I did not call for “tracking and reporting” of college students.


If I were you, this would really bother me. How are you handle media attention like this? This has got to be very disheartening.

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I’m grateful for the coverage. They are getting the word out on a very reasonable policy.

Why are they misrepresenting it so badly? This is what people do when they are threatened. They aren’t addressing the substance of what I actually proposed, because what I wrote is very reasonable and might even be adopted by accreditors. So what we are seeing here could be interpreted as an attempt to distract with falsehood.

In the end here, this isn’t politics. We are not taking a vote. And the people we are trying to convince to follow their own rules do not subscribe to any of these news outlets. So the strategy being used here by creationists is very risky. I’m curious to see how TRACS, CHEA, and SASCOC respond. I’d hope that at least one of them will do the right thing, and I don’t think it’s unlikely. If that happens, the whole situation changes.


That makes no sense. Politics isn’t limited to voting.

It’s been working for them for a very long time.


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