An Audio Version of the GAE is Coming

I am pleased to announce that an audio version of the GAE is in the works. Not all books are made into audio form, and very few academic books

IVP just signed a deal for an audio book company to produced the book, narrated by Mirron Willis. I’m really pleased to see this book narrated by an African American, particularly because of how the book engages with questions of race. The audio version of the book should be available by the end of the year.


How are you handling figures in the audio versions. That question has been a major hurdle when considering audio for Friend of Science, Friend of Faith.

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I had the same concerns.

First and foremost, several people independently insist that the text is clear enough in the GAE that the figures are not necessary. Of course, the figures help, but apparently they are not required and that probably underlies some of the reasoning.

Second, it is possible that the audio company might also release a PDF supplement with the figures. I’ve heard that this happens time to time, though I do not know the plans with the GAE.

@davidson I’m pretty sure that your book would do just fine in audio form.

That’s about what I expected, but needed to hear it. Thanks!

Tantor Media released a sample of the audio version of the book, narrated by Mirron E. Willis. The audio version is released on December 22, 2020, and it includes a supplementary PDF which likely includes several of the figures from the book.

Curious: Does anyone know why the company is named after Tarzan’s elephant friend?

Tarzan was the first book added to their portfolio, it seems. :slight_smile:

The audio version of the book is officially here, with a totally new cover:

The audio book is trending very well on its first week out. Interesting company it is keeping: