Jon Garvey: A Biblical Theology of People Outside the Garden

@JonGarvey published the first book-length response to Joshua Swamidass’ The Genealogical Adam and Eve, a theological case for people outside the garden.

When and how can we order it? Wipf and Stock? Does it come with a music CD? ;o) Thanks, @jongarvey for writing the book I was going to have to do as a totally uphill battle!

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I ordered my copy of The Generations of Heaven and Earth along with Garvey’s God’s Good Earth Earth a couple months ago from Amazon :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re a star, Michelle - but it sounds as if Amazon are in lockdown if they’re taking this long.

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No, but the website does have some songs on it, including one of mine! And now there’s the YouTube Channel, too, for real masochists.

The thing I’ve found about being published is that it remains an uphill battle afterwards. The research definitely costs a lot more than the returns: I used to make as much in 1982 in six weeks for World Medicien (3 X 1000 word columns) as I have from both books so far.

Reminds me of a joke I once heard about musicians winning the lottery, which (adapted) runs: “What are you going to do about your day job now you’re a published author?” “Oh, I’ll probably keep on writing until the money runs out.”

To answer your first question, you might find it cheaper at the publisher than at Amazon, but suggest you check both.

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Oh, I ordered and received the books🙂 That was pre- Covid19. Not sure how big the delay might be now

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Oh, that’s good then. Amazon’s been OK over here, except for my wife’s order of face-masks in order to appear a l mode when buying food - they’re still being made in China.

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What a marvelous paragraph!!!

“If Adam and Eve really were historical figures living in relatively recent times, then their story in Scripture will have been based, like the rest of biblical history, on genuine traditions, and not on inspired myth-making.”

“It is akin to the difference between handed-down memories about George Washington, and a mythical figure like Uncle Sam.”

I am tempted to say, Jon, that your comparison is an INSPIRED one !!!

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