An evangelical Christian group is using popular superheroes, like Captain America and Spider-Man, to target children in Georgia’s public schools

This is getting a little crazy now.

Do you object to the standard, “we’ve got spirit, yes we do… we’ve got spirit, how 'bout you?” rally cheer? Might be next on the radar… : )
Honestly, mixed feelings about this, at first glance --understand the motives, probably disagree with the antics, and can honestly say this disturbs me more than causes a wry smile --even reading just the supposedly “objective” reporting.

Hell Hath No Fury like an infringement on a Disney Copyright.

Oh, Disney is gonna destroy them!

They better not touch the Punisher, Daredevil or Deadpool.


All the characters shown are from Marvel Comics, not Disney. Still I’m sure Marvel will be none too pleased to have their intellectual property swiped like that.

ETA: I just checked, Disney owns Marvel, bought them back in 2009. So it will be Disney lawyers on a rampage.


They are just teaching traditional values such as “Thou shalt not steal.” Oh. Never mind…


All in all, I would rather my comic book heros were not under the Disney media machine. I find Disney to be frighteningly manipulative of young minds.