An ID Juxtaposition for Peaceful Science

Continuing the discussion from Klinghoffer: Early Science Review of Darwin Devolves — A Panic Attack?:

Look look! Same happened for me today! The juxtaposition is nice though. We see @Agauger in productive engagement with us at the Adam and Eve workshop (Gauger: Meetings on Adam and Eve: Stretching the Boundaries), and two articles engaging our review of Behe’s book (Darwin Devolves: The End of Evolution?). Common ground and disagreement juxtaposed on a single web page.

I like the symbolism here too. There is a paradox in my relationship with ID. I disagree and I agree. I argue against them, but I also want to include them when I can. This front page captures this paradox beautifully. Still, the photo for common ground looms over the rest. What if our common ground could come to overshadow the rest, even though our disagreements might remain? This would be truly peaceful science.



@AJRoberts you are on this one too!

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