An Interesting Forum Benchmark

So, in 2015, nearly four years ago, BioLogos launched their forum. In their 2015 annual report, I found this text:

In early 2015, we launched a new “open discussion” platform using the Discourse software. By late 2015, the number of subscribers on the “BioLogos Forum” had increased to 600, with an average of 50-75 comments per day, on an average of 6-10 threads

After 1 year in, they had 600 users, 50-75 comments per day, and 6-10 threads per day. How does that compare with us right now? Right now, we are about 4 months in. We have 142 users, about 200 post per day, and about 5-15 topics per day. It seems that we are already far more active than BioLogos their first year, even though we are smaller.

And then also…

BioLogos is the only origins-focused organization that openly welcomes people with all perspectives to dialogue about faith and science.

Notably, BioLogos launched 4 years ago, without any competition. With constant growth, we should expect about 450 users after 12 months have passed. Now, also, it seems that they are not the only origins-focused forum.

Now there is Peaceful Science too.

What do you think?


I looked at BioLogos. But I never had the inclination to join. The discussion seemed too oriented toward theology for my liking. Here, at Peaceful Science, there is more of a science orientation and a better balance between science and theology.


I’m glad you are here @nwrickert. You add a lot to the conversation.

Help us keep this great.


How ironic! I find BioLogos is LESS theological than Peaceful Science!

After all… nobody there is willing to combine de novo creation of Adam & Eve WITH the Evolution of pre-Adam humanity!

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Continuing this benchmarks, it looks like the last three months have been interesting. Take a look a these pageview stats:

BioLogos Forum Peaceful Science Forum
June 37K 20K
July 24K 35K
August 28K 69K
September 18K 76K

Since July, just two months after we started, we’ve grown past BioLogos. Right now, we appear to be getting about 4x more engagement than them right now, and we haven’t even hit our 6 month mark yet. About 30% of our traffic is organic, which means we are doing really well with search engines. This is likely because we are building very strong content, and also getting good engagement from other organizations.

We are still growing. I do not think we have hit our ceiling yet. Remember, this is all pre-publication of my book, without any staff. We should expect things to continue this way for a while, though there certainly might be some dips along the way.


@nwrickert, I’m just curious. What are the approximate number of views you guys get at TSZ? I imagine it is a lot higher, but of course I can’t tell for sure.

I’m not sure whether statistics are being collected at TSZ. I don’t see anything about it in the Dashboard page.

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