Updated Wiki: Directory of Useful Discussions

Continuing from this old discussion a few months ago: Maybe We Will Wiki?

I’ve created a new page on the wiki, Directory of Useful Discussion Threads - Peaceful Science where I’ve listed some of the interesting discussion threads here. People who have time should keep adding to the list. It would be good to have this as a reference when we are arguing topics which have already been argued in depth.

I would advocate that only threads which have less than 150 posts (with not much noise) be added there, so that new users can realistically read them and get something out of it.

I think a good thing to add would be the discussion threads on Behe’s book Darwin Devolves which sprung up a few months ago. I was not involved in those discussions, so someone who was should. It could be a good resource for someone new.


Oh, this is great. I love it @dga471.

What would be a good way for us to incentivize curation of the wiki pages? Once we hit a critical mass, I expect it would be self sustaining?

No need to alter this page, but I wonder if some of this could be split into multiple pages. Not a criticism! Just a thought.

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Perhaps we could assign some more enthusiastic contributors specific areas of the wiki, e.g. Adam and Eve, Divine Action, ID, etc. At this stage it would be good to just have the archive list of discussions.

We could also create threads for joint editing of a specific Wiki page (or set of pages) for a set period of time. This is called an Edit-a-thon. We should decide on what articles would be useful to have as a reference. For example, I think there could be a need for a concise article explaining the standard GA model (including quick overview of scientific and theological issues), that I can refer to when I want to introduce people to the model.

This could be more feasible as the list of topics become larger. However, I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. You can have a very long but functional Wiki page as long as it has a good table of contents.

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