Ann Gauger in Prague

@Agauger goes on vacation to Prague and gets all choked up philosophically. In two pieces on EVN, she teary eyes the rise of secularism and decline of Christianity in Europe while waxing on the design of the Prague’s astronomical clock, the oldest still-working astronomical clock in the world a truly phenomenal piece of engineering.

I hope she had a great trip.

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The theory Darwin left behind has grown and elaborated itself manyfold, and left behind bleakness. Even in his day he had intimations of the emptiness that follows in its wake. He recognized that the theory called into question the very capacity for reason upon which all theories rest.

Another person confused about reason. It is senseless to do metaphysics on reason as the very act has to rest on the assumption that you can reason. I continue to be astonished that it’s not obvious to so many people that if you don’t implicitly assume you’re capable of reasoning, then you can’t get there through reasoning.

Yeah, reason is supernatural. It is what we use to examine, study, hypothesize about and test nature. It is above it, super- to nature (and it is difficult to prove its validity :slightly_smiling_face:).

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I found this section of the article quite strange:

We had been in Poland and Austria. In those places the Google maps showed all the tourist sites, but also famous landmarks, museums, and churches , right from the beginning.
But when I Googled Prague, I saw just hotels, landmarks, museums about Communism, and even a Sex Machines Museum. There were only two churches, one connected with Jan Hus, who is a figure revered by many Czechs, and the other a huge landmark that dominates the skyline, and two synagogues of great historic importance. Yet I knew the city was full of churches and synagogues. It was only when I went one or two levels deeper that all the historic churches and synagogues appeared on the map. The roots of the nation and its history began to appear, and its actual physical layout, not just the highlights carefully selected somewhere else.

She seems to be implying that google maps doesn’t present visitors with the locations of most churches, but my own quick test shows this is complete nonsense. There’s no conspiracy or consumer-driven motion to hide away the churches.

Either that, or she’s despairing that the priority list for tourists doesn’t include every single little church at the very top. She brushes aside the 2 most significant churches as “only 2 churches”, as though 2 churches topping the tourism charts isn’t enough!? Of course magnificent historic buildings like St. Vitus Cathedral and the noteworthy Bethlehem Chapel will be the most popular. I’m really baffled as to how Ann thinks tourism works.