Meet Me in St Louis (or Hong Kong)

@NLents and I met up before hi book signing for lunch yesterday. He is a brilliant thinker, and earnest in communicating science to the public. I’m really proud to see he has found a home with us. I’m looking forward to seeing his reach grow in the coming years, and I’m looking forward to his next book. This Friday, I’m looking forward to seeing @art in town too.

Last week, I did a joint event with @rcohlers and @Andrew_Loke in Hong Kong. I’m very much looking forward to @Andrew_Loke’s book on Adam and Eve, and will be soon discussing his recently published book on the Cosmological Argument ( God and Ultimate Origins: A Novel Cosmological Argument (Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion) (9783319575469): Andrew Ter Ern Loke: Books). As one of the rising voices in the conversation, perhaps the most prominent from Asia, what a privilege to do an event with him.

This continues a pattern.

In January, @Guy_Coe drove across two states to spend a few days with me in California (Veritas Forums the Week Dad Died (January 2018)). Early summer, I met with @AJRoberts and @Agauger at the Dabar conference (Adventures in New Places —Ann Gauger on the Dabar Conference). Of course, many new friends were made too (@dga471, @Jordan and @Philosurfer) , but meeting up with Peaceful Science contributors I first connected with online is always fun.

If you are ever in St. Louis, drop me a note and maybe we can grab coffee together and discuss science.


I’ll be up there sometime next year

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I will be going to Urbana in December!

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I had a great time and you’re a generous host and stimulating conversationalist. Looking forward to many more interesting conversations. As I told you, I’ve thought differently about things since joining this forum and I thank you for that invitation. Let me know if you’re in NYC!

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It was great meeting with you too @Nlents. Thank you also for finding the watch I lost in your rental car! Just so you know, have safe and sound right now. I will be fun to grab lunch with you next time I am in NYC. Maybe I’ll find a way to bring you back out to STL in January too.

@dga471 let us definitely spend some time together then.

Let me know when!

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Had a beer with @art today and learned a great deal. He is a great scientist, and dedicated educator.

@Art had high praise for Peaceful Science, comparing us to a pre-Dover bulletin board ARN (, where he and other scientists were engaging regularly with ID when it first arose. I really appreciate his rational for engaging back then, and right now too. It seems that both he and @pnelson were conversation partners back then too.

I am looking forward to hearing more stories from them, and others, that were from “before my time” in the public square.

@jordan, I hope you can connect with him soon about undergraduate institution science education. Some of the specific demographic challenges you are facing @art might have some good insight into.


If I ever stated at ARN that Art was ever wrong I take it all back!

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I didn’t know Andy Samberg was a Peaceful Science fan! @swamidass Your first picture shows that you are even attracting celebrity attention!

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