Another great curling shot

One from just last week to add to the previous thread. (I wonder if the Swedish team has a physicist calling their shots):

50 Great Curling Shots - Peaceful Science


That was well done. We only see curling in the Winter Olympics, but I must say it gets me pretty worked up.

I wonder if there is any other nation where curling is as closely watched as here in Canada. It’s not nearly as big as, say, hockey or baseball. But it’s about at the level that golf is in the US, I’d say.

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Curling is nothing like a spectator sport in New Zealand (but then neither is golf really), but it does seem to have an enthusiastic localised participation in Central Otago where cold winters leading to many of the smaller dams freezing over, and a strong Scottish heritage, has led to enthusiasm for the sport. I can remember seeing it when my family would take day trips to such natural ice-skating rinks when I was a kid. I can’t remember if it was the Idaburn or Manorburn dam – it could have been both.


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