Introducing Mr Wilford

Much healthier environment than /r/debateevolution. I feel like lurking here will be worthwhile :slight_smile:

As an aside, Morton was one of the people who helped me realize Morton’s demon was affecting me as a YEC, and helped sway me out of it. I’ll always be indebted to him for that, and for motivating me to pursue geology as a career.


Big fan of Snowpiercer, are you?

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You have no idea. I’m currently constructing an n-scale Snowpiercer layout


Now that’s scary.


Welcome to Peaceful Science @Mr_Wilford. It is great to have you here. I hope you invite weary travelers from reddit, those seeking a meaningful conversation about origins, to come along too.

Tell us some more about yourself?

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Sure thing! As is clear I’m a massive fan of Snowpiercer, and frankly I was just psyched to get the username I have on Reddit, as I thought it would have been taken. I’m a former YEC, though I’m not big on debating, lurking is more my thing nowadays. I’m currently working towards getting a bachelors of science in geology, and am shooting for a masters degree at the minimum.

I’m part of a behind the scenes group who shares a common interest in this origins debate, and I’ve invited them to come on over if they’re willing. I obviously wont share names of those not present on this forum yet, unless they actually do join, but two of them are @JacksonWheat1 and @dsterncardinale (hi guys!)


Hello, @Mr_Wilford. Long time no see. Must have been a whole, what, 15 minutes?


I live in Waukesha, home of Kalmbach Media. :slight_smile:

I do miniatures painting, but really admire the modelling work that goes into train layouts.

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Oh come on, its been at least half an hour :wink:

Yeah, it’s gonna be a tough project. I have to weather the cars to look iced over, add lighting, turn dome cars into a few greenhouses, the works. And thats just for the actual train. I’ll have to make a frozen city landscape too, but thankfully I have friends who will help me learn how to do all of that.

As I said, decade long project more than likely, but I’m fine with that

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Why do you like Snowpiercer so much?

Ive always had a fascination with both trains and post apocalyptic stories. This mashes the two.


Favorite locomotive?

Weird, so have I.

N&W Class J 611, hands down


I always thought Costner’s The Postman was overly criticized … most often regarding the film’s length.

But shucks… that’s like saying a book is too long.


Nice! I’d have to go with CSX GE C40-8w.

What draws you guys to the origins debate?

Some of us are former YECs who want to try and help people on the fence, others come from families who are caught up in that even if they themselves never bought it. Others have just found it interesting to follow through the years.

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Oh, if we’re talking diesels I’m partial to the EMD SD80MAC. Anything Conrail exclusive is pretty neat in general