Are miracles ongoing?

Who said we don’t?

I did. What are you thinking of?

Well, if the subject is whether God confirms his existence to those who believe in him…

Then you can’t make claims about it right. Pretty much every Christian has experiences of God confirming things to him/her. Does it matter if you find it satisfactory or not?

No, that wasn’t the subject, at least not the point you responded to. Let’s try again. Here’s what I said: “And yet, throughout the Bible, God provides the people in the stories with clear proof of his existence. He talks directly to them; he dispenses huge miracles at will; he sends angels. Why don’t we get any of that today?”

I was asking about a particular sort of clear proof, as specified, and when challenged you offer me vague “experiences of God confirming things to him/her”. I call that bait and switch.


I think you are facing a statistical problem here. The bible records short periods of time where God provides said proof to relatively small groups of people.
For example, the stuff Moses did lasted for 40 years following an approx 400 year period of silence on God’s part. This was only for the Israelites and their I’mmediate surroundings… People who lived in India or Nigeria or the Americas during that time did not experience these sets of proof.
Abraham was one of the very few guys in his generation who heard from God.
Same with Jesus, 3.5 years or so of ministry followed by his ressurection. Again for a limited population.
The big miracles (one like splitting the red sea) were always limited in time and place.

However, God does do miracles like those of healing, transformation etc . I can tell you first and second hand accounts of such miracles. He still speaks to his people through the Spirit. And these are enough to satisfy those who believe.
Whereas those who don’t, can always look into the ressurection of Jesus.

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Exactly. They satisfy only those who already believe. Nobody turns Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt any more.

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Well if you went to India during Abraham’s time… they would also say they have never heard of God turning anyone into salt. It’s a on off event.
Though you would find many people across geography and time who believe God judges the wicked.

Why does God only perform miracles for the Hebrews and their relatives? Why does he even have a chosen people? It would seem he didn’t care about India until quite recently, if at all.

The Israelites or more specifically the lineage from Adam to Abraham to Jacob and following was God’s chosen lineage for the incarnation of Jesus. All the big ticket miracles are also connected to this.

As to India, our local history is that St Thomas took a missionary trip to India and established a church here. There has been Christians in India for the past 2000 years. As to before that, the bible doesn’t claim that the Israelites were the only ones who knew God. Though, it’s true that God formed a covenant only with the nation of Israel.

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It doesn’t? Who else knew God, and why didn’t he perform any miracles for them?

And yet, no miracles.

There are some examples… such as Melchizedek who was a priest of God and a contemporary of Abraham. The prophet Balaam who knew God but was not a part of Israel. The three wise men who visited Jesus and so on.
There are even references in the Indian Vedas which some people think refers to Jesus. Though I don’t know enough on this to comment.

All around the same area, and no miracles for them, with the possible exception of a talking donkey. Why so stingy?

Again you are making a logical error. The bible records the story of Israel, so it records the thing Israel comes into contact with. So the same geographic area is not surprising.

And you forgot the angel in front of the talking Donkey :slight_smile: .

Makes sense. Your implicit claim is that God did perform all sorts of miracles outside the area but it’s just that the bible doesn’t mention them. Is that true? Of course one of the biggest miracles is the universal flood, which would have been apparent to everyone, everywhere, but unfortunately killed them before they could write it down.

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If it happened, people did write about it extensively. I was familiar with global flood stories before I became a Christian or read the bible. The same is true in cultures the world over.

Have you heard of the burckle crater?

It could be… the bible doesn’t claim to record all the miracles God has ever done.
And the bible teaches explicitly that God did reveal himself to people other than the lineage of Israel…
So it certainly can’t be written off.

If it happened, only Noah and his family would have been able to write about it. So those stories are either descended from Noah or (more reasonably) evidence against the biblical story.


Do you have any ideas on what might record some of them? How do you know there are miracles other than those in the bible?

Yes… I can point to experiences in my life I believe are miracles… some extraordinary things I have heard directly from the people who have experienced it.
The bible itself says it has not recorded all of Jesus miracles.


I have already mentioned this once before.
My son was born with hip displasia. He was supposed to be put in casts to make him better. We prayed, and God healed him. Didn’t have to use any casts.
I consider that a miracle.