Arthur Hunt and Stephen Meyer here

Hunt was not reduced to a laughing stock (like Stephen Matheson who became an atheist after this meeting) but was completely out matched by Meyer.

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I watched this and feel that Dr. Hunt and Dr. Matheson did quite well in posing questions to Meyer’s that he inadequately answered. Certainly Hunt and Matheson were NOT out matched by Meyer. Note that this video is from 2010 and has not influenced nor impacted science in any way during the intervening years. ID remains non science, and Meyer’s arguments have been falsified and discredited by all credible scientists. .

When I read comments like “X easily won this debate” (or stronger) without any sort of explanation, I tend to doubt the assertion. What do you think Meyer explained better than Hunt?

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But you also said that William Lane Craig does not understand physics and that Sean Carroll bested Craig a few years ago. That Dinesh D’Souza was a fool despite reducing Daniel Dennett to a stammering blob at Tufts. In your opinion have Christians or ID proponents ever got the better of their intellectual opponents?

First of all, it wasn’t a debate. It was a book review. And as far as I can tell both Dr. Hunt and Dr. Matheson were not overly impressed with the book. And the book is not considered insightful at all to science.

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Why don’t you just watch it? I am not an advocate of ID but I am getting sick and tried of the false statements and strawman attacks on the theory. Watch it.

I’d like to have a reason to, first. What do you find compelling?

I should have addressed this earlier. This is a rather strong claim. Are you stating that this interaction led directly to Matheson’s atheism?

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“What do you find compelling?” nothing I just found it interesting how anti-ID proponents lazy arguments against the theory are easily dismissed. You are not going to watch it, fine; I do not really care as it is not my job to endlessly appeal to the vanities and narrow-mindedness of the typical biologist. .

WLC doesn’t understand physics as well as physicist Sean Carroll. Nobody, especially Dinesh D’Souza has ever reduced Dr. Dan Dennett to a stammering blob. Dr. Dennett’s latest book “From Bacteria to Bach and Back - The Evolution of Minds” is so far from what Dinesh D’Souza has ever accomplish. Certainly no one has gotten the better of Dawkins, Hitchens, Krause, Carroll, Dennett, or Dan Barker in a debate.

Pretty much.

I am 45 minutes into it now. Dr. Hunt is crushing Meyers. Meyers is making no sense at all. Hunt’s questions are being answered with Meyer’s made up ID nonsense.

I find nothing compelling in this video. The ID arguments are easily dismissed. ID is not science. I am watching it at the 50 minute mark and unless Meyer stages an amazing comeback in the last ten minutes, Dr Hunt and Dr. Matheson destroys Meyer’s book.

So let me get this straight…

You state that Meyer completely outmatched Hunt. I ask what you find compelling. You reply “nothing”, then proceed to call me vain and narrow-minded.

Are you going to support any of the claims you make in this thread?

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In an earlier post you said that Craig was “spot on” and Carroll was wrong. Nobody has ever beaten Hitchens, Craig did as did John Lennox. Krauss (Krause?)we have discussed this before, edited e-mails from Vilenkin etc. Dan Barker has a perfect record - he always loses. Dawkins ran when Craig came to Oxford but don’t worry John Lennox sorted Dick out. Clearly you have not seen Dinesh/Dennett.

Matheson claims to be a “reformed Christian” in the video. What is a “reformed Christian”? Perhaps an “in the closet atheist”?

Not about Physics.

He’s still active on the BioLogos forum, but identifies as atheist now.

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Craig, Lennox beating Dawkins, Hitchens, Krause, Carroll, Barker and Dennett. :rofl: You certainly are not in marketing of conferences or debates nor in the business of selling books. :rofl: Dinesh D’Souza is not even in the big leagues yet. :rofl: Here is a measure of debating skills - How much money would you need to pay get any one of these atheists to debate? I know what they cost to appear for a hour talk. Very expensive. Also their books sell millions of copies. The God Delusion is now translated into 40 language and sales are over 40 million copies. Now there is work being done to have Dawkins book downloadable for free in those countries where it is a crime to have the book.

I am now finished with the video. Meyer was very unconvincing. If this was a real PhD defense in science, he would not be graduating.