Atheist Goes Native

When I figure out the 'why", I will write it. The initial “why” was what I would call “reconnaissance and surveillance”. That mission was completed. Now I don’t know why I am part of the community. Perhaps I have gone “native” in some sense. I haven’t changed my views, but I do care that the community is successful in achieving its goals.


You know why @Patrick. This is your story.

  1. You heard about me because of the Venema-Buggs-Swamidass exchange.
  2. You were sent to investigate me and out me if I was doing bad science.
  3. You found I was doing legitimate work.
  4. Task done you found yourself staying because you were enjoying talking about the science.
  5. You found common values and common ground with us.

What are those values? You’ve seen the reason for bombastic voices like Dawkins and Hitchens in the past, when atheists were in the closet. Now however, you see a real need for peace seeking. You want what we are doing here to work.

Just write that up. Or, if you let me, I’ll write up a quick post composed of your quotes for you to approve. You know your story, and its a good one. It is surprising, and it communicates values we both care about.


Sure, you are a better writer than me and are a better press agent for me than I am. :grinning:

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