Introducing Cecilia FXX

I am happy to introduce @ceciliafxx, a good friend from my days on Google Plus. Cecilia and I (and a few more) were owner/moderators of the largest Atheism community on G+, and we had the task of managing a very rapidly growing group. Wild times! :sweat_smile:

There is more to that story, but I’ll save it for later.


I miss Google Plus. Good times.


thanks for the very kind welcome. Yes, those days were wild all right!

While I’ve never had a career as a scientist, I very much respect science and have always attempted to be as rational as possible. This place looks very nice indeed. Some of the topics look over my head, but I will will enjoy reading and learning.


Hi Cecilia. Welcome. :grinning:

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The best part of having you here is I can use the #DeistMindControlWeasels tag and someone else will know what it means. :grinning:

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Is that anything similar to Orbital Mind Control Lasers?

yes, there was some good groups happening on G+

One of them (LEGO and toy photographers) migrated to MeWe. People are so creative taking pics of their toys. It’s truly amazing


:rofl: :rofl:

I barely remember that, but, yes!

Yes, but for conspiracy-minded atheists.

PS: For those who don’t know, the image is from the game Illuminati, which is best played either with very good friends or people you will never see again. :grin:


Odd. I used to play it regularly with fellow members of my university Wargaming Club – who were more acquaintances than good friends, and who I’d see the next week.

My one memory of OMCLs was using them to turn the FBI from violent to peaceful in order to use the latter to destroy the Gun Lobby. This was back in the mid to late 80s, before the World Wide Web, and thus before knowledge of American political culture had permeated to New Zealand. But even then it seemed amusing.

YMMV :wink:

Lots of good twists and turns in that game, and #DeistMindControl Weasels would fit right in.

Are #DeistMindControlWeasels used to mind-control Deists, or used by Deists to mind-control?

Are they only Least Weasels or can other members of genus Mustela (aka the ‘Weasel Family’) be used to mind control?

Inquiring minds want to know. :nerd_face:

Interestingly, the webcomic Girl Genius features eight-legged Weasel-like Wasp-eaters that are used to detect mind-controlling slaver wasps. So not all weasels are evil (except those in NZ – where they are an introduced pest that threatens native birdlife).

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Who knew back then that MTG would end up taking it seriously?


The latter.

It remains unclear if other members of Mustela exhibit similar mind controlling powers. :grin:

So guess I have to tell the story now, but it will have to be the short version.

The original owner of that G+ Atheism community basically rage quit, leaving me and one other in charge. We brought in new moderators, (@ceciliafxx was one of the first), and set about managing the community as best we could (it had been terribly mismanaged prior). Things settled down and the comm continued to grow rapidly.

For various reasons factions began to develop and splinter off. Either they disagreed with our rules, or perhaps they were jealous of our large membership, or resentful of our female mods (sadly) - it doesn’t really matter. One of these faction saw a discussion between two of our mods and a nice Deist, and became convinced that a Deists conspiracy was going to subvert control of the community.
One evening I had a concurrent two-thread argument with one of these people; in one he seemed to think this Deist influence was somehow controlling what we did as mods, and in the other he was accusing us of using Weasel words. I tied the topics together with a snarky comment about Deists using mind-controlling weasels to control atheists. From that point on #DeistMindControlWeasels was included in response when one of the conspiracies was mentioned. :slight_smile:


I was reading Girl Genius at the time. :slight_smile:

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Well, I have to admit that, short of mind-control, attempting to corral any sort of agreement out of atheists seems to be like herding cats. :slight_smile:


What proportion of the community was Deist? I cannot recall a single Deist member of this forum – with Deism tending to merely mentioned in passing as a (largely hypothetical) middle ground between Atheism and (almost exclusively Christian) Theism.

Of course if the Deist controllers were sufficiently crafty, they would of course conceal that they were Deists. Which then leads to the question of how a secretly-Deist-controlled Atheist community would differ from an uncontrolled one. A mildly interesting rabbit-hole – but probably one that would be more interesting to watch others disappear down than to disappear down ones-self. :wink:

A few decades ago, my aunt was upset when some friends of mine left her Unitarian church and decided instead to be Quakers. Talk about intense sectarian conflict …

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Not so much in the Atheism community. There was an active Deism community on G+ too.

There was one very well spoken theist who frequented the comm, and we seriously considered promoting him to moderator. We finally decided against, not that he wasn’t capable, but that it would cause a riot among our members. Instead we would consult with him when we needed a Christian viewpoint.

I met with some Quakers in Whitefish Bay, WI, some years ago. They were very into non-violent political protests. Good people.

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