Atheists To Save Historic Wooden German Church Plank By Plank

Ask Hans Powalla if he is a believer and the immediate response is a firm "no".

Yet he and other villagers in and around the German town of Stiege have embarked on the Herculean task of saving a picturesque church by moving it from the middle of a forest into the centre of town.

Interesting story. What is his motivation?

Former electrician Powalla, 74, said they were driven by the “unique architecture of the building” and the “meaning that it gives to the region” in the Harz mountains.
The object in question is a stave church, or wooden church, complete with dragon ornaments on the roof, built in the Nordic style in 1905.
It is one of only three such churches from that era still standing in Germany, and is classed as a monument of national significance.


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