Behe and a Continuation of the Lents Review

Another one for @NLENTS

Wow… I haven’t yet listened to the podcast (if I will), but this was an interesting quote from Klinghoffer:

I will add that after Professor Lents lashed out rather wildly this week, writing at the website Peaceful Science , I agreed with Joshua Swamidass, who administers the site, that it was time to cool things off a bit.

The pretense that he didn’t start anything is just plain silly.

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I’m sure this will just draw traffic to the forum to verify their claims. They will find the claims false: West: Points to Racism in WUSTL's History.

I understand where John West is coming from here. His job is to protect Behe from criticism, internal and external, and his failing at this task. They do not have the pretense of a scientific case any more. What to do? All they have is out of contex quotes and wedges. Desperate ploys. It is all West has!