Behe Says Viruses are Designed

It’s a nice fat just-so story. God made them for a purpose. What purpose? Dunno, but trust me.

The hypocricy and irony is stratospheric.

Yes, I meant that AIG’s article (and their position) mirrors that of Behe.


Issues of theodicy are not a monopoly of GAE scholarship. GAE scenarios have the same problems with natural evil that virtually all Christian denominations have !

I would not disagree; as a Christian I do not find the free will defense and other responses to the problem of evil to be very satisfying. That God specifically designed devastating and lethal viruses, however, takes the problem to another level in a way I have not seen until recently.



I recognize the truth that, technically, Creation is not Design.

But, frankly, my exploration of this philosophically paradox has yielded no benefits with the audiences I speak to:

Atheists aren’t happy with the Creation rhetoric, and Christians become deluded with the “magical notion” that God created all LIFE (animal and plant) - - without any fundamental design.

This error leads to the more excruciating magical notion that the vicious aspect of Evolution MUST be the cause of Adam!

The one comment I would make is that using “creation” in this context can be confusing to an audience. To be fair, scientists use the same word in the context of natural processes, such as low atmospheric pressure creating storms. If you are careful in defining the terms you are using ahead of time I don’t have any issues with it.

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This is my entire point.

I need a wad of narrative to make it clear to a Christian that I endorse God as designer WITHOUT endorsing I.D. !!!

Such as cat memes and reTweets.

(But seriously, that paragraph was very helpful to me because I had never read about NCLDVs before I was inspired by your post. Thanks!)

Maybe viruses were designed with beneficial intent, but some of them become evil by accident.

How does something purposely designed by an omnipotent God become evil by accident?


Don’t blame God. He just works here.


I’m not blaming God, quite the contrary

I know. I was facetiously paraphrasing what you just said, using a common (American) idiom.

Alas, as E.B. White said, “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.”


Please don’t dissect the frog, for I’m french😀


Then you have to reckon with the fact that many of the molecular mechanisms by which viruses (and other pathogens) cause disease and evade our body’s immune system are so exquisitely complex. The same kind of complexity that creationists and IDers insist can’t possibly have evolved.


The thing about maybes is they go both ways. And if you don’t have any evidence for them, they’re just-so stories.

And God is powerless to do anything about it of course? Indistinguishable from Gods that don’t exist, or just don’t care.

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@Giltil: Could you give us an example of something we might observe about viruses that would be incompatible with the existence of your god? Thanks.

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By “accident” do you mean the same thing as natural selection of mutation and variation?

Yes. Behe gives a nice example of this scenario in DD, with Yersinia Pestis, the bug that caused the Black Death in the fourteenth century (p187).