Biblical Geography and the Existence of God?

Go for it. I haven’t made enough enemies here on Peaceful Science yet.

The split rock! :rofl: The mountain is a fictional mountain which is a parallel to Mount Olympus. There’s no such mountain.

Oh please. Moses and Paul never existed. Their names or supposed deeds do not appear anywhere in the historical record. Like Jesus, Adam, Noah, Sampson, etc. Moses is a mythical solar deity.

Unfortunately, everything you said is false information fed to you. But most who have that very same information were seeking someone to say it to them. There is always a depraved sight willing to gaslight people… Reality is far different. You can go and visit the sites even today, the relics of the era etc. You can read polycarp and Oregen and Josephus and Titicus and Clement and Roman history etc. There is parchment even dated back to the 100’s-300’s

I cant believe it. You are so far behind on this sort of discussion. Look around in that map. google maps it yourself and see it for yourself. its all marked there are thousands of pictures online for “moses mountain” in Saudi Arabia. there is fencing and documents and laws prohibiting access etc. Its not something in the back yard of the world. Its been On TV etc.

Well lets end the Im educated your not digs. When Chalk river was down and nuclear medical supplies short it wasn’t you who came up with a fix it was me. Since i had worked there cleaning the reactor hall 30 years ago and curious I knew a lot about what went on and how the reactor worked. I stood on the same floor where Jimmy Carter stood mopping up radioactive water from a nuclear accident. there is still tape and a red flashing light and a sign there.
So when there was leaks in the reactor, you did not call, you did not fix it, I made calls, I sent Emails and they used My Ideas to fix the reactor. You can huff and puff all you like and yes I have a disadvantage but so do all of you self important people.

because I am me, I got the opportunity when i was there to handle spent fuel rods and disassemble them using a Jerry rigged tool that was not much more than a pool rod/handle with a pinchy thing on the end. I would work with anyone with a education for sure but it wasn’t them or you who gave them Ideas about making a mock-up reactor to practice welding plates on from the inside with specialized tools. If it wasn’t for my list of Ideas they would have taken the whole thing apart and it would have taken years for them to repair it. Many lives were saved by my interest in things I know nothing about. But I do know something about these things… And am literally working on cutting edge science none of you have dreamed off.

I gave up studying Physics and such to study to be a Minister. My Divorce bans me from full time ministry in my denomination. So, I guess I could have returned to that bent, but my heart was destroyed and my x constantly tried to keep the kids from me as spite. I did not know the other side of her. Until this day I have spoken more with you in the last few days than her in the last 25. I got two great kids out of it and My son is a licensed electrician and my daughter still in university taking criminal Psychology and forensics.
As for my Physics inventions. i have two. One I have briefly discussed which works. If people knew more I would likely spend the rest of my life in jail. The Other hasn’t yet worked out/proved out but both are built out of information I found in the bible and from what I would call quantum Chemistry and material science as it relates to Gravity.

Information doesn’t get fed to me. I do my own research and my findings are on my Facebook page for everyone to see and even critique if they choose. I bet you won’t. It’s a place where faith goes to die. If there were any relics that could prove any of the biblical narratives even might be historical we would never hear or see the end of it from lying Christian apologists, evangelists and so-called “scholars.” How many more times are they going to find Noah’s Ark or Sodom or some fake ossuary like those supposedly containing the bones of James or Caiaphas? Christian apologists couldn’t restrain themselves when the Tel Dan inscription was “found” in 1993 that supposedly proved King David actually existed. However the problems with this “discovery” were obvious as soon as a good photograph of the “text” was published. It turned about to be another Christian forgery. But even it is real nothing in the inscription itself required the word or name bytdwd be directly linked to Jerusalem and to Judah.

Any hoaxer can take a picture and say that it’s the ark finally discovered! There are plenty of those. The shroud or Fraud of Turin is a perfect example of how far religious fanatics are willing to go to dupe the gullible public and how willing Christians are to surrender their brains and believe it’s real. After all it’s been on TV!

Considering all the fantastical exploits of Sampson, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Jesus, Paul and the rest of the apostles “reported” in the Bible it is physically impossible that none of these figures, not one, and their exploits, not one, would not appear anywhere in the historical record. It is you who is so far behind on this sort of discussion. But don’t feel bad. The Christian academic community is just as far behind.

And for the record its your type of conversation that makes people not want to be around you. Imagine from a Site moderators perspective. They want to grow a site to include christians because they claim to be christian… And then you have a guy like you that wants to piss on someone cause its the truth in your mind. Sorry. You don’t have a bed side manor.

to start. Google Cyrus Cylinder. It by proxy verifies the bible accounts and scholars tie them together… If need be I can go look it up to help. Its literally one of the many rock solid proofs.

Where in this text does it mention anything about the Hebrews? It doesn’t. If you want to see rock solid proofs I suggest you reread what I posted earlier: Considering all the fantastical exploits of Sampson, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Jesus, Paul and the rest of the apostles “reported” in the Bible it is physically impossible that none of these figures, not one, and their exploits, not one, would not appear anywhere in the historical record if any of them had actually existed. Now that is what rock solid proofs look like.

The Wikipedia entry on the Cyrus cylinder is an interesting read. I’m not sure how it connects to the Bible, though.


I blame the US legal system. It encourages everyone to oversell their case rather than develop arguments based on agreed facts.

It may have escaped your attention that you’re using the historical record of a figure described in the bible to denounce the lack of historical records of figures described in the bible.

Says the person who’s every post is pissing on many of us because “evolution is a hoax” is the truth in his mind.

He can at least estate his case intelligibly.


Its a great part of Iranian history and a indictment of the Iranian leadership today. mahmoud Ahmadinejad was showing it off. years back…
It was like the child molester holding the baby…
Its really one of the first charter of rights and freedoms.

The Tie to the bible is that some of the same people are mentioned and that Israel was captive in Babylon. that kingdom then would have included some of Iraq and Iran. I’d have to look to see how much.

Jeremiah 34 in the bible talks about a Covenant God made with Israel not to enslave its own people. This could be called Israels civil war with God on slavery. They initially agreed and freed their slaves but then went back to doing it. Its really about lording and indentured servants. We do a level of it today with renters. They pay the bills but at the end they own nothing.
So, God said you bazstards! You will get 70 years of exile I will kick you out of Israel proper and have a nation put you into slavery. And sure enough… it happened.
This era of history is directly tied. The change of the world view was changing. Cyrus is mentioned in the bible and all that… I am not a scholar and to be honest I should re-read and freshen up on all the details.
One of the big miracles in the bible and a appearance of Jesus happens there. 3 Jews are thrown into a fire for not bowing to Nebuchadnezzar who declared himself God. He had a castle of sorts with a furnace that would channel heat under the floors from this massive furnace. And he stood there as they were thrown in and the soldiers were burned up and pulled in dying but they saw these 3 in the furnace walking around with a 4th man. looking like the son of man… (referring to God) And then they came out alive.
That is a impossible story. If you accept it then you have to accept there is physics we are not aware of that God can apply to make that possible.
Through that there was a Edict similar to the Cyrus Cylinder made to have freedom of religion.
There is a lot more and a return to Israel etc. Its in the Book of Daniel and Nehemiah and Isaiah mentions Cyrus as does Ezra and 2 Chronicles and 2 Kings I think.
I think the oldest coin in the world is from Nebuchadnezzar.

This is really all about Jewish history and the Exile and the destruction and rebuilding of the temple. Nehemiah is a book about leadership. It looks like a story and history but it really shows what leadership looks like. Books have been written about it. And Israel starts building back the walls of the Old city back then. Its really one of he best parts of the bible when it comes to dealing with conflict in politics.

I wont fault you for not having all the information. there is direct ties and Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar and a list of other people and facts are all intertwined .
The Cyrus Cylinder was discovered during Rassam’s excavations in Babylon in February-March 1879.
Maybe you don’t grasp it. No one knew anything of the thoughts and people but through the Bible and some sparse history. in this case the chicken came before the egg. They uncovered the Egg to then say Oh. Look the chicken.
You saying the bible is a hoax is bogus.

Nope. This story, like all the stories in the Bible is based on astrology. Nehemiah gives a date of the month of Nissan which says it’s the 20th year of Artaxerxes. At the beginning of the Peloponnesian War there was an eclipse that was described by Thucydides on August 3rd, 431 BCE. This is verified by NASA believe it or not. So then we know the date of the escape of Themistocles is 474-473 BCE which would be the beginning of the reign of Artaxerxes. So using the Antikythera, the oldest known “computer” the author of Daniel which was actually written around 167-164 BCE, dated the beginning of his 70 weeks prophesy at 454 BCE. 454-484 = 30 CE the beginning of the ministry of Jesus.

7 weeks = 49 years
62 weeks = 434 years
1 week final week is not 7 years, it’s 1 which is why it is separated from the others.
484 weeks

This doesn’t make this prophecy accurate. What it vey clearly demonstrates is that the story of Jesus was invented to fulfill OT prophecy.

You’re the one who is information depleted. Historical fiction often contains references to real people and real places. The story of Sherlock Holmes takes place in England and we even have a physical address for him. Using your Christian “logic” we should then assume Sherlock Holmes was a real detective who solved real crimes. Cyrus, Herod and Nebuchadnezzar were real kings but the stories about them in the Bible are complete fiction, borrowed from other much older literature. Do you actually believe Cyrus issued this decree: “In the first year of King Cyrus, the king issued a decree concerning the temple of God in Jerusalem: And that he actually said this: Let the temple be rebuilt as a place to present sacrifices, and let its foundations be laid. It is to be sixty cubits high and sixty cubits wide”? That is gullibility gone into orbit. No wonder people have convinced you not to believe the facts of evolution. Pathetic. Here is a story involving Herod and the obvious source for the story and the obvious parallels:

The Murders of Agamemnon and John the Baptist
Odyssey — Mark 6:17-29
Agamemnon and John the Baptist were murdered because their wives were involved a royal menage a trois which included their husbands and close relatives of their husbands. Agamemnon and John were threats to illicit relationships.
Odyssey: In Homer the story is narrated as a flashback.
Mark: In Mark the story narrated as a flashback.
Odyssey: Clytemnestra forsook her husband for her husband’s cousin
Mark: Herodias forsook her husband for her husband’s brother
Odyssey: Clytemnestra wanted to kill Agamemnon because posed a threat to her affair.
Mark: Herodias wanted to kill John, because he posed a threat to her affair.
Odyssey: Aegisthus hosted a banquet and invited the king and his soldiers
Mark: Antipas hosted a banquet and invited luminaries
Odyssey: Agamemnon was killed while serving food
Mark: John was beheaded, and his head was brought into a feast on a platter
Odyssey: The feast was befouled by a murder
Mark: The feast was befouled by a murder
Odyssey: The murder of Agamemnon anticipates the future perils Odysseus will face
Mark: The murder of John anticipates the future perils Jesus will face

There’s nothing historical in or about the Bible. At times it’s hysterical, but historical, not a chance.

The Bible is definitely not a hoax. The Christian literal and historical interpretation of the Bible is a hoax.

I don’t know where you get this nonsense. Half of what Daniel has prophesied hasn’t even happened yet.

  1. The bible is not based on astrology. You should read it.
  2. Read Nehemiah its about the Jewish return to Israel from Babylon and the rebuilding.
    Chapter 2: vs. 1And it came to pass in the month Nisan, in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king, that wine was before him: and I took up the wine, and gave it unto the king. Now I had not been beforetime sad in his presence.
    2 Wherefore the king said unto me, Why is thy countenance sad, seeing thou art not sick? this is nothing else but sorrow of heart. Then I was very sore afraid,
    3 And said unto the king, Let the king live for ever: why should not my countenance be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers’ sepulchres, lieth waste, and the gates thereof are consumed with fire?

    You are getting into the weeds. It appears you have a Preterist view of prophecy with a bit of a jumble. IF this was a bible study I would spend the time to map it out. Sorry. Not for a Nihilist.