Building a Silicon Brain

Do you think it is possible or not?

I have long thought that modern computer architecture is a poor simulation of how the nervous system works. The stimulation of a nerve impulse relies on so many different and changing factors, such as serotonin levels, that simply can’t be modeled in a semi-conductor. It is interesting that the researchers in the article are trying to change the basic silicon architecture to better simulate how neurons work. It still falls short, but a step in the right direction.

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That depends on the meaning of “it”.

Yes, you can build a bigger computer. And you can call it a brain. But it still won’t be conscious.

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No! first because people don’t have brains. We think with our soul using the memory. i think animals als.
the computer is just a memory operation. so it can mimic human memory. which is a great deal. yet its not thinking as nobody is in the computer.
before trying to make a computer with a brain why not make a computer with thinking ability of bugs or bacteria. A easier goal!/ naw they couldn’t do that either.
If one believes humans are just evolved brains THEN it should be possible to create a computer brain.
If e are just a bunch of parts then a computer can become a thinking being like us or bugs.
If we think with our soul, unrelated to the biology world, then they can’t make a computer tht thinks.