Butterflies take different paths to arrive at same color pattern

Does it forever change the way evolution is understood? Naw!
This makes a creationist point I think.
The biology results are so much the same that its evidence its not selection on mutation. There is greater influence to bring the like results. then the chance of mutations appearing for selection.
i think this disproves the simple model of selection on mutation AS THEY admit.
I would add as a aside that its unlikely the birds memorize which butterflies are toxic and which are not based on colouration. instead the ones with toxic poison are simply more colourful and act in a bold way Its the boldness of them that frightens birds coupled with being so clearly seen.

No. Stuff like this shows there are multiple solutions and pathways to achieve a particular function. That’s in direct conflict with many creationist arguments.

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Yep. Certainly tosses a spanner into the “common design!” ID-Creationist claims.

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This is important to me. Convergence of form from different mechanisms on a probability curve seems unlikely. i argue this in many matters. YET multiple solutions/pathways to reach a like conclusion is not what i dismiss easily.
As a creationist I desire there is a greater "control’ then the chance pathways this paper talked about and said was a new idea in evolutionism. they had to say this by the way. They could not say it was convergent evolution in the usual way because it was so insistent on bringing the same results. They should of better explained why it was not convergent evolution for the reader however.
the great point is that mutations occur in individuals and then selection on them led to thriving new populations. So THEN they discover its not the same mutations. As if selection is making use of unrelated mutations yet bring a convergence of results in butterflies.
Hmmm. I think for everyone the diversity and then likeness in unrelated butterflies is showing the actual mechanism for biological complexity. i think there is something here for creationists to embrace.

Why??? Common design was on creation week only. After the fall the design has a mind of its own.