Christians Doing Christian Things

@Patrick , if you want to be pleasantly surprised by the “social efforts” of a ministry within the “evangelical bubble,” you should check out the work of the International Justice Mission; . They are funded mostly through aggregated small donor funding, but also have been awarded grants by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among other.
You’d want to see it’s founder, Gary Haugen’s Ted Talk here:
That’s a very broad brush you’re a bit too comfortable weilding. Just thought I’d offset your color palette for 'ya. Cheers!


Thank you. I liked it. This is what I always thought Christian charities were supposed to be like.


It is very true we often find Christians doing UnChristian Things. We also see surprising acts of long term self sacrifice and dedication. I’ve notice that most Christians like this do not publicize their work. They do not see their work as anything special

In many ways, the best Christians and the best scientists are equally bad at engaging the public. The best examples of both are not usually among the public representatives. It is best not to judge all of science or the Church by public Christians or public scientists.

I very much recommend reading about Gary Haugen, the founder of IJM.

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A late reply, based on an interesting stat I picked up last week, about the supposedly ailing Church of England.

Apparently there are in the UK some 33,000 Anglican-run local social action and support groups, doing everything from street-pastoring and food-banks to bereavement counselling and debt advice. To give a perspective on that, that is an average of 3 such local initiatives per parish.

Other denominations, of course also have such ventures (and co-operate with existing ones, of course).