Comments on ID core principles

You seem to have misunderstood my question. I asked for specific, core features of the theory of ID, the equivalent of what I listed for evolutionary theory. If there are no such features, then that would also be helpful to know.


I agree, this is not a thread to re-litigate every ID/evolution argument. Start new threads for each argument. @moderators

@swamidass, if @stcordova wants to start a discussion on the subject of whether functional proteins are rare in sequence space, could I ask that this be split of into another thread, and keep this thread for the topic I wish discussed? Thanks.


@stcordova this thread was @Faizal_Ali’s. We want to keep things on topic. I’ve moved your conversation to a new thread: Is Helicase a House of Cards?.

Your point is interesting in its own right, but let’s try and stay on topic here.

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