Common Misunderstandings about Jesus’ Resurrection

I’m often asked about evidence and faith. What is the evidence behind my faith in Jesus? I don’t think this evidence comes from science. It does come from history. This article was published, and has some good points of discussion.

I imagine this might be interesting to @MJAlter, @dga471, @Agauger, @colewd, @vjtorley, and others here too.


Hello Joshua and Lydia:

Thank you for earlier sending me information that Tim McGrew will be writing a review of Vincent Torley’s analysis of my text The Resurrection: A Critical inquiry (2015). Recently, I have been tied up with other obligations and projects. However, this morning I finished a brief response to Tim’s insightful critique. It is an honor to have someone with Tim’s credentials to offer his input. As you will see in my response, I have several concerns. Most significant, Tim is analyzing a review of a review. Please think about that… Consequently, his review, in my opinion, does not do full justice to my text. If possible, please forward to Lydia and Tim my response. I look forward to their reply. And, of course, I assume that Vincent will have a few words to add.

Once again, thank you, and Tim.

Take care.