Communism and Kerala

Good grief. You forgot the communist government in YOUR OWN COUNTRY:

It seems to do a better job than other Indian state governments when it comes to literacy and health care.

Oh, and they stand for religious freedom, contradicting your claim.

Cue the “no true Scotsman” fallacy in 10…9…8…

Kerala is a part of India, which is a democracy. The Communist party is one among many parties which function in the democracy.
When the Communist party wins elections, it runs the government for the term of the election and then there is elections again.
Kerala is my home state so I know it well.

There is a difference between a communist government and a communist party participating in a democracy.
Your objection is just plain dumb.

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Yes, and when it does so, as it has for most of the past 60 years, the government of Kerala is a Communist government, so that simply falsifies your claim.

But you can’t admit that.

Yes, Ashwin is a common name among Malayalis. But your claim about communist governments is objectively false.

When the communist party controls the government, it’s a communist government. You’re using the No True Scotsman fallacy, just as I predicted.

You haven’t shown it to be dumb with your predictable, reactionary reply.

Are you familiar with “The first rule of holes,” Ashwin?

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Is Kerala a communistic or socialist state?

I mean, sure, the terms are mostly interchangeable, but there are differences.

Ashwin wasn’t talking about states. He was talking about governments.

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I am going to tell you this one more time.
Kerala is a state in the country of India. India is a constitutional democracy with a multiparty system.

Russia (when it was the USSR) and China are/were communist states with a single party dictatorship.

And last, the Communist party has not ruled Kerala for the last 60 years. There is a pattern of the Congress party and the Communist party winning elections in an alternate manner.

Frankly, calling Kerala a communist state like China or USSR is just insulting.

I don’t know if you are being purposely dense. India has something called a constitution which applies to all states irrespective of which party is in government.
India is a constitutional democracy. The constitution does not change just because the Communist party wins an election.
So whichever party wins, every Indian state has a democratic government with laws based on the Indian Constitution which embraces socialism but not communism.

Yes. When the republican party wins election sin the USA, does it stop being a democracy and become a “republican” nation?

You must understand the difference between a parties ideology and a system of governance.


Democracy is a political system. Communism is an economic system.

Oh, and BTW, you flunk Indian history yet again. According to the 42nd Amendment to India’s constitution, India is a “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic.”

Why did you omit “socialist,” Ashwin?

They are. So what? Your claim was about communist governments, not communist states with single-party dictatorships.

Why are you pretending that you claimed something that you didn’t claim?

I know that, and what I wrote did not contradict that fact. Now you’re just lying about what I wrote. Here is what I wrote:

How would any person with any integrity take “most of the past 60 years” and change it to claim that the person simply wrote “for the last 60 years”?

You’re just lying, Ashwin. The chief minister of Kerala has been from one of the two communist parties for MOST of the past 60 years.

It would be, but I didn’t do that and you know it.

I never called Kerala a communist STATE. I wrote very clearly that it had a communist GOVERNMENT, which falsified your claim (bolding mine):

Communist governments in Kerala have never used the power of the state to force people to have no religion. In fact, communists in your very own state, Kerala, are right now opposing the Hindu supremacists of the BJP and fighting for freedom of religion.

You know, you could have been honest and admitted that you didn’t express yourself clearly, but your repeated lying about what I wrote is completely unethical.

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And what is the hall mark of communism as an ëconomic"system?

Public/State ownership of all goods and abolishment of private property.

Do you think people in Kerala don’t have private property? This is why i mentioned the Indian constitution.

I made the below statement in my reply. I did not omit anything. There is a difference between Communism and Socialism.

You are making a statement out of ignorance.
Winning a state election does not give you the power to force people not to have a religion.One would need to pass a bill in the parliament of the nation by 2/3rds majority both houses , and make a constitutional amendment banishing all religious practise.

No state Government has that kind of power. And neither do most central Governments.
The communist "government"in Kerala has never had the power to enforce athiesm on the people of Kerala or India.Why? Because India is a constitutional democracy and the constitution declares the country as Secular and enshrines the freedom to practise ones own religion.
So its ridiculous to credit the communist party for not doing something that was not within its power to do.

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There is. But you omitted “socialism” later. Why?

I’m not the one lying about what you wrote. You’re the one lying about what I wrote, twice. Now, please tell me what is ignorant about any of the following statements without lying:

What’s ridiculous is your lying about what I wrote–twice.

I’m not “crediting the communist party” for anything but opposing the BJP’s Hindutva and contradicting your false claim.

I’m simply pointing out that your blanket claim about what communist governments do is objectively false, and that in response, you’ve made two additional objectively false claims about what I’ve written.

More accuracy and less ego, please.

You are no longer making any sense.
You made the below statement -

The fact is that no State Government has that Power.

Lets look at some of your claims -

What exactly do you think a “communist Government” is?
I understand a communist Government to have the following -

  1. Abolition of private property.
  2. A centralised Party which holds all power.

You will find the same description of communism in all records.
You yourself acknowledge communism is an economic system.
According to you what are the hallmarks of communism as an economic system?
Do you find it in Kerala?

Your description of Kerala as having a communist government just because a party that has won the elections uses the name "communist"is childish.
There is nothing "communist"about any state Government in India.

If you think there is… then show me which state has abolished all private property?

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No national government has it either. You’re grasping at straws.

Then, with the possible exception of North Korea, no communist governments exist. So what’s your point?

Show me a nation that has abolished all private property.

It’s simple, Ashwin. You’re ignoring that the primary danger to the free practice of your Christianity today is the BJP, not communists.

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And you are saying something which has nothing to do with the subject being discussed.
We are not discussing which party is the primary danger to practising Christianity in India.

This is probably true today. Even China has been steadily moving away from communism as an economic model for the last several decades.

The Communist party of India used to be communist 50 years back when it still believes in taking over the nation through revolution and imposing a dictatorship of the proletariat.
Now, it’s decided to follow the principles of democracy and the Indian Constitution and is communist only in name.

And that’s my point. My original point (if I remember correctly) on the thread to which you responded was that athiests governments have also been as harmful if not more harmful thnt theocratic governments.