Comparing the Bible to Comics

Nah. The Big Bang, abiogenesis and evolution are far more intriguing. Honestly speaking, reading Revelations makes me feel like I am watching a superhero movie.


Ha ha! Well, your favorite is a good story, for sure. Hey Michael, I’ve taken note of and enjoyed your posts on several of the topics I’ve kept up with.

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Really? To me, the gospels make me feel like I am watching a superhero movie. Revelation makes me think that I am reading fan-fic. Specifically, it makes me think it must have been written by the sort of fan against whom the original comic artist gets a restraining order.


I think “good” is an understatement. Reading of the miraculous exploits of Jesus is certainly captivating, at least to most Christians, but learning that chimps and I (yes me) share a common ancestor literally blew my mind. I had to pick up bits of my brain (and sanity) later on.

Thanks for the positive review, but always treat my posts with suspicion. Sometimes I err terribly.


The gospels too give off a fictional vibe, but they don’t compare to the weird imagery presented in Revelation.


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I suppose it depends on what kind of superhero movies one watches. To me the gospels are Batman/Superman material but Revelation is more Eraserhead.


I tended to think of Revelations as fantasy.

Yes, there are books explaining the supposed symbolism that leads to some interpretations. But I never found that at all persuasive.

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To me its like smallville showing the humble beginnings of superman, eventually leading up to his development into one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

I was thinking along the lines of Avengers Endgame. Never heard of Eraserhead.

Ah, and now we’ve been split. Split! Into a thread titled “comparing the Bible to Comics,” though it’s really comparing different superhero genres to one another, with some of the stories in some of the genres being much older than the others.

As for Eraserhead: not really a superhero film. It was a cult favorite back around 1980 or so – a surreal film by the not-yet-famous David Lynch. It makes a good deal more sense than Revelation, but then, so does Un Chien Andalou. It’s hard to find anything in film which is quite so “barking” as the Big R.

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Like many other parts of the Bible, the book of Revelation has been interpreted in different ways, with many of these interpretations clashing. Its a complete mess. Quite frankly, it seems John was on steroids or some other hard stuff when he wrote the book (if he really wrote it).

Trust Dan to keep a thread free of distracting chatter.

Exactly. Everything is good at the start, until troubles descends into paradise. Evil reigns for a while, with a narrator promising the coming of a hero who will save everyone. The hero is born, goes through character development until he is ready to face the evil overlord. The hero eventually clashes with the overlord, vanquishes him and restores peace to land. Everyone lives happily ever after.

That’s roughly sums up the bible and many other superhero movies I have seen.

PS: agnostic me is the one talking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You know, that’s not that uncommon. It seems that the writings of level-headed people were far less likely to survive the ages than these sorts of things. What it says to me is that neurological disorders, like the poor, will always be with us.

And one sees that pattern all over. What we would term mental illness makes someone, in some places, a shaman. The old mystics were a bunch of really strange people. Read the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the Nag Hammadi library, or practically any of the prophetic works in the OT or NT, and it makes you glad to live in a more heavily medicated age.

Yes, but of course there wouldn’t be sufficient dramatic tension without an unexpected twist. Batman must be within minutes of being cut in half by a laser, with all hope having failed, and THEN must vanquish the bad guy. In the NT, he actually does get cut in half by the laser, but it turns out that he doesn’t mind dying nearly as much as the rest of us do – but the basic plot structure is still the same.


This one is more fun!

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Speaking of “comparing the bible to Comics,” is anyone else here old enough to remember the old “underground” comic book called something like The New Adventures of Jesus? Pretty funny stuff, if I recall correctly, though I don’t have any of it around (lots of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and the like, though).

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One should also mention Son-O-God Comics and also Godman, the Superhero with Omnipotent Powers. Are you familiar?

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Sometimes the hero has to die to achieve an even more powerful form. This happened somewhat in the popular anime Naruto, where Naruto and Sasuke both on the verge of death were given a massive boost to their powers by another god-like character to defeat Madara and eventually Kaguya (the major villains with god-like powers as well). In the end, good defeats evil even though that is not always consistent with real life.

Sadly, everyone not allied with the Christ is part of the legion of evil and will be obliterated by the angels of heaven during Armageddon. Since Muhammad is returning as well to exact judgement on humans, he might clash with Jesus on the right to judge. That may be one hell of a showdown.

I think Jesus is DC and Muhammad is Marvel, though, so you’d have to have some sort of crossover licensing deal for that to happen.

No, I’m not! Clearly I have failed to keep current in the primary literature!

They’re both easy to find on Google. I should point out that the artist on Son-O-God was Neal Adams.

Depends on which Dan! :sweat_smile:

Hehehe its Daniel Ang

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