Contradictions in the Bible? No, It’s Progressive Revelation!

Jesus redefined murder, adultery, divorce, and more in the Sermon on the Mount.

'nuff said i guess.

ETA: This article is so bad, lol. Thanks for posting it.


@Patrick What do you consider to be the strongest points of the article? What do you consider to be the weakest?


I often feel that those who flippantly claim to have found glaring Biblical contradictions (which the original audience was somehow unaware of) without taking the time to become informed about cultural contexts, literary genres, the rich thematic network of intentional self-references within the Biblical text, etc, are like young earth creationists flippantly claiming “Contradictions In The Geological Column? No, It’s Overthrust!”

To me, it highlights points that I already knew. All “holy books” are man made and are interpreted any way the people in power wants to manipulate those that they have power over.

We don’t worship the bible. And the bible is not a Koran, it was not dictated by God. We worship the Word, and only the Word can show us what God is like. “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” We read all of scripture through the light of the crucified Messiah. The ultimate hermeneutic principle is Christ crucified, not what the original author may have meant. This is crucial to but not determinative of ultimate meaning.

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Well, you and I, and most people here certainly don’t, but can you say the same for all Christians?