Coyne: The Tangled Tree Distorts Some Science

Really good review from Coyne. He seems to have it precisely correct.

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While disinterested in the subject I note, as usual, the charge is made of one evolutiuonist against another of SPECULATION.
then how the author got it all wrong. WELL. Creationists also cry sPECULATION and evolutionism has been 150 years of speculation. . Just the curve of speculation starts to trip them up as people get smarter about these matters. ID/YEC has forced everyone to sharpen their wits about evidence.
If evolutionists can this wel MONKEY see, monkey do.

What point are you trying to make here? It sounds like gibber gabber.

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I normally enjoy RadioLab, but this episode bugged me as well. I felt it was far too sensationalist, and the fact that they went from talking about a transposable element insertion (without acknowledging it as such) that resulted in the famous pepper moth phenotype to talking about HGT seemed like a pretty bizarre leap.

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