David Diaz: Reviewing The Genealogical Adam and Eve


I tend to read a lot of books (approximately 40-60 per year) and mostly read non-fiction historical or philosophical tomes. That said, The Genealogical Adam and Eve was perhaps the most important book I read in 2020. It charts a new path for understanding the Genesis account of Adam and Eve and how this view might fit into current biblical thought while also preserving scientific credibility. With so much division in the church today caused by the various interpretations of the book of Genesis (see my book, The Genesis Labyrinth ), it is great to see a position that attempts to build bridges between Christians of various doctrinal persuasions. With this book, Swamidass has done a tremendous service for the Christian church. Hopefully, the members of the church will humbly acknowledge their interpretations may not be infallible and that there is room for variant interpretations of Genesis.


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