David Snoke: Old Earth Creationism

(Charles Edward Miller) #1

I have a simple wish to put forth. Do any of you follow him? I spoke to him ten years ago and found his philosophy/science very interesting. He would be against evolutionary creation. Would that make me against it? No.

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(S. Joshua Swamidass) #2

Snoke wrote one of the reviews of the TE Crossway book, even though he is part of the DI:

Can you invite him to join us to discuss it?

(Charles Edward Miller) #3

It has been over a decade since I have written him. If you would like me to do it, I can get my old Snoke book, A Biblical Case for an Old Earth, and try to contact him at the University of Pittsburgh. as you may know, he does not accept macroevolution in this book.

(Charles Edward Miller) #4

I have sent him a message and an invitation to Dr. Snoke. He may contact me or contact Peaceful Science directly. snoke@pitt.edu . I have an emergency. I have given you Dr. Snoke’s email address at the University of Pittsburgh. Christian Scientific Society


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